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Second dial tone after digits
Sometimes it's useful to provide a second dial tone, after a dialed digit sequence or access code. This is achieved with the Special Dial Tone After Dialed Number (DTAD), and Flexible Tones and Cadences (FTC) data blocks - both in LD 56

BARS Flowchart
Basic Automatic Route Selection (BARS) / Network Alternate Route Selection (NARS) Flowchart.

Administration Loads
Overlay programs required for performing system administration (moves, adds & changes).

Auto-Generate Authcodes
Auto-Generate a number of Authorization codes (Authcode) which assign temporary COS, NCOS, and TGAR values.

Authorization codes
Authorization codes (Authcode) allow a user to temporarily 'override' the access restrictions (NCOS, COS, and TGAR) assigned to a station (or trunk).

Building a PCA
With Personal Call Assistant - PCA - calls to a DN automatically, and simultaneously, call a second (mobile) telephone.

Call Forward by Call Type
A common way to use this capability is when the dialed telephone is already busy with a call, internal calls can be redirected to Voice Mail messaging while external calls can be redirected to a person.

Moving a Card
Details on how to MOVE a CARD from one slot, shelf, or loop to another.

Call Forward Ring Cycles
A call-forward will occur after a set number of ring cycles. There are three ring cycle options available, RCO 0-2. The number of ring cycles for each option is determined by CFN0, CFN1 and CFN2 in the customer data block.

Class of Service Guide
CS1000 Class of Service (CLS) assignments allow or deny station options and features.

CLS Access Restrictions
Station Class of Service Access Restrictions displayed in a chart

Prefix CLID to Call Log
Add a route prefix (for example: 9) to the incomming caller ID.

Set the PBX IP address
To set the ELNK IP network interface addresse, follow this proceedure.

Flexible Feature Codes
Flexible Feature Codes (FFC) allow you to define different dialing codes for various features in place of existing Special Prefix (SPRE) codes.

Free up Unused TN's
Small System software installation using a Software Delivery card and the Software Installation Program

Feature Activation Codes
Flexible Feature Code allows the System Administrator to assign their own codes to chosen features

Group Hunting
How create Hunt Groups on a Meridian PBX.

History File
The History File provides the capability to allocate an area of protected data to store system messages until a printout is requested by a technician.

Intercept Treatments
Vacant number call redirection

LD 20-22: Print Reports Guide
A list of print reports which can be obtained in LDs 20, 21, and 22.

Guide to Software Loads
Complete list of Overlay programs provided for performing system administration and maintenance.

Attendant Console Features
M2250 Programming Guide

M3900 Series Keys
M3900 Series Digital Sets Key Descriptions

M3900 Series User Guide
M3900 Series Digital Telephone Key Descriptions and User Guide

Configuring Pseudo TTY's (PTY's)
Configure a pseudo TTY (PTY) with User = SCH MTC BUG in LD 17

MARP Explained
MARP (Multiple Appearance Ring Prime) appears at the set which 'owns' the DN.

Copying a set
The procedure for creating a new set (telephone) by copying all the attributes from another

Dial Intercom Groups
Dial Intercom Groups are an internal paging system for the Meridian PBX System.

Moving a Set
Details on how to MOVE a set from one TN to another.

SPRE Fixed Feature Codes
The Nortel Meridian PBX Special PREfix (SPRE) feature codes listed and defined for analog and digital stations.

Meridian M1 CS1000 FAQ
Meridian M1 CS1000 Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Configuring Mobile X
Configuring Mobile X to give remote users access to main office PBX trunks, services, and features.

Programming Mobile X
Guide to configuring Mobile X, which gives remote users access to PBX trunks, services, and features.

Mobile X User Guide
Mobile Extensions (Mobile X) feature user guide for remote users

The Model Telephone Feature
This feature allows the technician to activate a telephone set using a pre-programmed telephone template known as a model.

Network Attendant Service
How to program the Network Attendant Service (NAS - package 159) which allows the operator to be located anywhere on the network.

Meridian Night Service
During Night Service, calls that are normally routed to the Attendant are directed to the Customers Night number (Load 15) or to the trunks NITE DN (Load 14).

Option 11 TTY ports
Configure a serial TTY Call server console port in LD 17

Customer Options Guide
CS1000 Customer Options in LD 15

Configure a Phantom DN
Phantom DN's are used as an alternative to dummy (secondary) ACD queues, and typically route calls to Meridian Mail or Call Pilot dialable services.

Configure a Phantom Superloop
Phantom Superloops are needed for phantom DN's. Phantom DN's are used as an alternative to dummy (secondary) ACD queues, and typically route calls to Meridian Mail or Call Pilot.

Pickup Night Bells
Just one way to set up night-bells, so that operator calls can be taken from any station out of hours, or when an attendant is not available.

Software Packages List
Features and software options are activated by enabling the associated software package

Private Line Service
How to program a Private Line Service (PTT line appearances) on Meridian phones.

Speed Call Quick Ref
Speed Call allows a user to store telephone numbers in list, and dial them using short codes. System Speed Call allows a user to temporarily override the telephone's Class of Service.

Speed Call
Speed Call allows an extension user to store telephone numbers in list, and dial them using short codes. A list can be used by any number of extensions.

Special Number Routing
A Special Number is a digit sequence that doesn't match the NPA or NXX format.

System Speed Call
System Speed Call (SSC) allows users to place calls by dialing a one, two, or three digit code.

Printing Station Lists
Several Overlays are needed to print various similar but slightly different bits of station information.

Meridian Time and Date
To set the correct time and date on a Meridian PBX, follow this proceedure.

Set the Time with NTP
To use NTP to set the date and time on a CS1000 PBX, follow this procedure.

Zone-based Digit Manipulation
In Geographic Redundant systems, it's often desirable to route outgoing calls to trunks in the same zone as the caller.

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