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Customer Options Guide

LD 15: Customer Data Block

Features and options often need to be enabled at the "customer level" before they're available at the "user level", eg: last number redial!
To change a Customer Option (in LD 15):

REQ: CHG              Change...
TYPE: FTR_DATA        Customer Features and options
CUST xx               Customer number
OPT a...a             Customer Options, see below...

Customer Options:

OPTions Description (Overlay LD 15)
ABDDABDA Attendant Busy Display (Denied) Allowed
AHDAHA Autohold on Loop Key (Denied) Allowed
AMDAMA Attendant Monitor (Denied) Allowed
ATDA ATDD Attendant Through Dialling (Allowed) Denied
BINDBBINEBIN Break-In Indication (Denied) Basic or Extended
BIXABIXD Break-In to external call (Allowed) Denied
BLABLD Break-In to Line Lockout Set (Allowed) Denied
BOHDBOHA Position Busy with Calls on Hold (Denied) Allowed
BWTDBWTA Breakin Warning Tone (Denied) Allowed
CCBDCCBA Collect Call Blocking (Denied) Allowed
CFOCFF Call Forward Class of Service determined by: (Originating) Forwarding party.
CFRDCFRA Call Forward Reminder tone for 500/2500 telephone (Denied) Allowed
CHDD CHDA Charge Display at end of call (Denied) Allowed
COXCOP Central Office call (No Priority) / Priority for Ringing
CPDCPACPN Call Park Option: (Denied) Allowed or Network wide
CTDCTA Camp-On Tone (Denied) Allowed
CUIMTI Cl lamps show 'Attendant Console Group (AGC)' or 'Multi-Tenant Service (MTS)' information
CWRD CWRA CFNA treatment for Call Waiting calls on a DN (Denied) Allowed
CXODCXOA Call Forward External Override: (Disallowed) Allowed - allows call-forward to a CDP or DSC
DBDDBA Flexible Incoming Tones on digital sets (Denied) Allowed
DNCADNCS Calls disconnected after the number of ring cycles defined by NFNA while in Night Service.
DNXDNI ACD Dialed Number Identification Service feature (Excluded) Included
DREDRT Queue thermometer REST (Excludes) Includes Inter-Attendant calls, Recalls and Metered calls
DSTDDSTA DID call to Second degree busy Treatment (Denied) Allowed
DSXDSI Data Services or server is (Excluded) Included
FACDFACA Flexible Attendant Call Waiting thresholds (Denied) Allowed
FKAFKD Forward Key (Allowed) Denied
GPADGPAA Group Pickup Alert (Denied) Allowed
HLPDHLPA Individual Hold Lamp Option (Denied) Allowed.
HRLDHRLA Individual Hold Release Option (Denied) Allowed.
HTU HTR Hot Line access (Unrestricted) Restricted
HVDHVA Handsfree Voice call (Denied) Allowed
IC1IC2 Key-lamp strips: (One) or Two = 10 or 20 ICIs
IHDIHA Individual Hold (Denied) Allowed
LLCDLLCA Line Load Control commands in LD 2 (Denied) Allowed
LODLOA Lockout (Denied) Allowed
LRDLRA Last Number Redial (Denied) Allowed
MCTDMCTA Malicious Call Trace signal (Denied) Allowed
MCXMCI Message Center: (Excluded) Included
MKRAMKRL Multiple Key Ring: (All) Lowest
MWUDMWUA Message Waiting Unconditional (Denied) Allowed
NCDNCA Redirection of Attendant calls when group (ACG) is in Night Service: (Denied) Allowed.
PCMDPCMA Periodic Clearing with Meridian Mail (Denied) Allowed
PSDPSA Presentation Status selection on attendant (Denied) Allowed
PVCAPVCD Prevention of reciprocal Call Forward (Allowed) Denied
REARED Release on Exclusion Allowed/Denied
RECARECO Attendant calls will be redirected when (All) All but one are busy
RNDRNA Ring Again No Answer (Denied) Allowed
ROXROI Recorded Overflow Announcement (Excluded) Included
RTDRTA Coordinated Dialing Plan routing feature (Denied) Allowed
RTRROR (Terminating) or Originating side of call determines ringing or buzzing
SDDESDAL Single Digit Access to Hotel Services (Denied) Allowed
SBDSBA Flexible Incoming Tones for SL-1 telephones (Denied) Allowed
SIADSIAA Source Included when Attendant dials (Denied) Allowed
SLDSLA Slow Answer Recall Enhancement (Denied) Allowed
SYDSYAEHS Secrecy: (Denied) Allowed or Enhanced
THPDTHPA ACD Threshold Percentage (Denied) Allowed
TOATOD Attendant Monitor Tone (Allowed) Denied
TTADTTAA Time To Answer and Abandoned call records (Denied) Allowed
VOBDVOBA Make Set Busy and Voice Call Override Enhancement (Denied) Allowed
XBLIBL Enhanced Busy Lamp Field: (Exclude) Include
XDPIDP Digit Display on Console: (Exclude) Include
XLDNNLDN Network-wide LDN (Denied) Allowed
XLFILF Lamp Field array: (Exclude) Include
XTGITG Attendant Trunk Group Busy Keys: (Exclude) Include - used for status and busy-outs
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