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Speed Call


This feature allows an extension user to store telephone numbers in what is termed a "Speed Call List", and then, by dialling short codes, instruct the system to dial the numbers in the list. This saves the user having to manually dial the numbers that they frequently call.

Speed Call Lists

There can be a theoretical maximum of 8191 lists defined on the system with a maximum of 1000 numbers stored in any list. A list can be used by any number of extensions. When a list is created the system administrator must specify the type of the list which can be one of two types:-

System Speed Call lists (SSC) can be set up to override the call restrictions applied to an extension. This means that if you have certain telephone numbers that you want normally barred extensions to reach then by placing the numbers in a System Speed Call list this can be achieved. Such a list has its own Network Class of Service (NCOS) which can effectively change the restriction of a telephone while the call is made using that list.


This section is split into three parts:-

➤ Creating a New List

Speed Call Lists are created, changed and deleted using Program 18.
Speed Call Lists are printed using Program 20.

To create a new list you will need to define the list number and specify whether it is a System or Personal list. For either type the maximum number of telephone numbers allowed in the list and the maximum number of digits allowed in those telephone numbers must be defined. If it is a System List then the NCOS value must be specified.

Once a list has been created it is then available to be assigned to any number of extensions.

➤ Updating Lists.

Adding, changing or deleting telephone numbers from the list can be performed by the System Administrator or delegated to a list "Controller".
A controller can programme numbers into the list from their extension.

Analogue sets can be Controllers of Personal lists. The procedure to add, change or delete numbers in a list is given in the telephone set user guide.

Digital sets can be Controllers of System lists and Personal lists. The procedure to add, change or delete numbers in the lists is given in the telephone set user guide.

Remember to include the access code for an outside line in the stored number.

➤ Assigning Lists to Extensions

Additional Notes

If the size of the list is between 0 and 10 then single digit indexing is required (0-9).
If the size of the list is between 11 and 100 then two digit indexing is required (00-99).
If the size of the list is between 101 and 1000 then 3 digit indexing is required (000-999).

Use LD 10 to assign one of the following feature mnemonics followed by the list number:-


In this example a new Personal Speed Call List 130 has been created. The list has then been assigned to analogue TN 9 6 as the Controller and to key 3 of digital TN 8 2 as a user. The digital set is also given access to System list 131 without assigning it to a key.

1Create new list: LD 18

  TYPE SCL               Personal Speed Call list (SSC for System List)
  LSNO 130               Specify list number
  DNSZ 12                Maximum number of digits in the numbers that can stored
  SIZE 10                Maximum number of DNs in the list
  STOR 0 9017858081      Defines number in first store, including access code
  STOR 1 90800500005     Defines number in second store
  STOR 2 2273

Note: Use the CHG command to add or amend the list.

When creating a system speed list the prompt NCOS (Network Class of Service) will appear. This prompt refers to the restriction level associated with the list.

2Print the numbers assigned in List 130: LD 20

  LSNO 130
  SIZE 10
  RANGE xx yy             You can print out a range of store numbers.
  STOR 0 901785762444
  STOR 1 90800500005
  STOR 2 2273

3Assign feature to an analogue set: LD 10

  TYPE 500
  TN 9 6
  ITEM FTR SCC 130        User and Controller of Speed Call list 130

4Assign feature to a digital set: LD 11

  TYPE 2616
  TN 8 2
  ITEM KEY 3 SCU 130      User of Speed Call list 130 assigned to key 3
  ITEM SSU 131            User of System Speed Call list 131

Dialing SSC Numbers

Analog (500) set:

  1. Lift the handset and dial SPRE code "1" and then 73.
  2. Dial the speed call code (0-999) and the number will be automatically dialed.

Digital (2000) set:

  1. Press the System Speed Call key.
  2. Dial the speed call code (0-999) and the number will be automatically dialed
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