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Private Line Service

PTT line appearances on Meridian phones - Equivalent to Mitels Direct Trunk Select.

Here is some background information, and a limited programming overview, on how to program a PTT line as a key appearance on a Nortel multi-line set. Nortel calls it PVN/PVR, Private Line Non-Ringing/Ringing).


  1. LD 16 - Add a Private Line trunk route - (TKTP=cot, PRIV=yes, ICOG=iao)
  2. LD 14 - Add Private Line trunks to the route (PRDN=xxxx)
  3. LD 11 - Add Private Line Service key (PVR/PVN=xxxx) to set(s).

When adding a trunk to a Private route (one with PRIV=YES), you will be prompted for Private Line DN (PRDN). This is a special DN which directly accesses the trunk from the set. Multiple trunks can be added to the same route, each one with a different PRDN.

When adding a Private Line Service key to a Digital set, use:

LD 11 - Example:

TYPE:aaaaTelephone type, where: aaaa = 2016, 2616, etc.
TN:l s c uTerminal Number (loop shelf card unit -or- card unit)
KEY:xx PVN yyy...yPrivate Line non-ringing key (yyy...y is the same as for PRDN prompt in LD 14)
 xx PVR yyy...yPrivate Line ringing key (yyy...y is the same as for PRDN prompt in LD 14)

For an Analog set: DN <PRDN for trunk>


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