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Mobile X User Guide

The CS 1000 Mobile Extensions feature enables the following capabilities:

To access the Main-Office PBX:

1 Dial your systems Mobile Service Access (MSA) number: (XXX) XXX – XXXX

The MSA is the number an off-site Mobile X user will dial to access the system. If the phone number the user is calling from (UXID) is not in the database the caller will get a fast busy. If the number is in the database the caller will receive dial tone.

2 Enter your Authorization Code: User defined, 6-digit code

Once dial tone is returned from the above step, the user must enter their 6-digit (user defined) authorization code.

After entering a succesful code, system dial tone is returned. At this point calls may be placed as though the caller in dialing from their desk phone, eg, dial 9 for an outside line etc.

Feature Activation:

Mobile X users have access to conference and transfer features during a call.
Feature Codes are printed in LD 57, and can vary from system to system. The following are for example only:

MFAC**Mobile Feature Activation CodeUsed during a call to notify the system that you are about to activate a feature
MCOM*0Mobile CompleteDialed to join parties in a conference or complete a transfer.
MTRN*1Mobile Transfer 
MCFA*2Mobile Conference 
MCAN*3Mobile CancelDrop an in progress but not completed conference or transfer
MTGL*4Mobile ToggleSwitch between parties prior to completing a conference or transfer

Example: to transfer a call.

During a remote Mobile X call, activate a feature by beginning with **, which notifies the system that a feature code will follow. Then press *1 to begin a transfer. Dial tone is returned, now dial the number of the party you with to transfer the call to. Once the second call is answered, press *0 to complete the transfer. If, before completing the transfer, you’d like to put the second party on hold while you talk to the first party, dial *4. If you decide not to complete the transfer you can dial *3.

Conferencing is identical to transferring with the exception that upon entering *0 you remain in the call along with the first and second parties.

Personal Call Assistant:

PCA can be activated and deactivated by the remote user while using their Mobile X phone. A user can dial the MSA number, and enter one of the following PCA codes:

PCAA*5#PCA ActivateUsed to enable simultaneous ringing to your Mobile X phone, # enter a new number
PCAD*6PCA De-activateUsed to disable simultaneous ringing to your Mobile X phone
PCAV*7PCA VerifyUsed to confirm the PCA status of your Mobile X phone - returned dial tone means PCA is activated, while a fast busy means PCA is de-activated
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