Mike's PBX Cookbook

Pickup Night Bells

This is just one way to set up night-bells.

Use NIT_DATA to send dial zero calls to an extension, or a group of extensions, wired as a night bell. When alerted, calls can be be taken or "picked-up" from the night bells with a SPRE code from any enabled station that has call pickup allowed.

Or alternatively, send calls to a manned night extension. Then, during bathroom breaks (!), this extension can be forwarded to the night-bell group and then picked up from any station that has call pickup allowed.

  1. Find a vacant pickup group:
    >ld 81
    REQ   lst
    CUST  0
    FEAT  pua
    RNPG  1 50         This will list all the members in groups 1 to 50 in group order

    Choose a spare pickup group number for our night bells(s).

  2. Build a 500 set to function as a night bell. Enter a spare pickup group number at the RNPG prompt. Also enter CLS GPUA. Its DN will be the NIT DN. Build as many of these you you like, all in the same RNPG with the same DN.

  3. Any phone that you want to pickup a night bell call from, will need CLS GPUA.
    We can then pickup on that set with the SPRE code 1+94+# (pickup group number, 2-digit).

  4. Put the night bell DN in the NIT_DATA to send it dial zero calls out of hours.

  5. If another DN is used in NIT_DATA as an "out of hours attendant", it can Call-forward to the night-bells with a CFW 4 key during those special moments. An analogue Night Bell Over Paging Adapter (such as from Viking or Valcom) can be used to alert the attendant over the buildings PA system when/if he's called away.

Note: the SPRE code is usually the default of 1 (number one), but it may have been changed for whatever reason. To check your SPRE code, print FTR_DATA in LD 21. It is set in the Customer Data Block FTR_DATA, in LD 15.

Call Pickup Class of Service Features.

There are three independent types of Call Pickup:

  1. PUA - Pickup allowed.
    You're in a group, someone in your group rings, you can pickup the call with: SPRE+3
    You will need to enter a group number at RPNG - Ringing group pickup number.

  2. GPUA - Group pickup.
    You're in a group, or not, but you want to pickup a call from another group: SPRE+94+#
    RPNG can be left blank

  3. DPUA - DN pickup.
    You're in a group, or not, but you want to pickup a call from a ringing DN: SPRE+95+<DN>
    RPNG can be left blank
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