Mike's PBX Cookbook

SPRE Fixed Feature Codes

The Meridian SPRE (Special PREfix) feature codes listed below are fixed and cannot be changed. When using any of the default feature codes, dial the Special Function Prefix code (SPRE) first. The SPRE code is often '1', although it can be anything that fits the local dialing plan. It is defined in LD 15 (FTR_DATA, SPRE). To check your SPRE code, FTR_DATA is printed in LD 21.

Dial SPRE (1) + codeFeature
1Ring Again
2Cancel Ring Again
3Call Pick-up - Ringing number
4TAFAS - Trunk Answer from any Station
5Charge Account Number (for CDR)
6Authorization Code Access
70 + ACOD + RRMMM #Trunk (acod/route/member) test from analog set
71 + DN (directory number)Call Park - to park
72 + DNCall Park - retrieve
73 + Speed Call CodeDial System Speed Call     
74 + DN (or #1 + DN)Call Forward all Calls - Activate (analog set #1)
74 + hang up (or #1 + hang up)Call Forward all Calls - Cancel (analog set #1)
75 + Speed Call Code + DNPersonal Speed Call (analog set #2)
76 + Speed Call CodePersonal Speed Call (analog set #3)
77Permanent Hold (analog sets #4)
78Stored Number Redial - STORE on analog set
79Stored Number Redial - DIAL on analog set
80Priority      AUTOVON
81Automatic Set Relocation
82Flash Override      AUTOVON
83Malicious Call TRace
84User Status
85Flash      AUTOVON
86 + XRoom Status - see status codes below
87Disconnect Trunk -  A06 Conference (analog)
88Immediate      AUTOVON
89Last Number Redial - redials the last # called
91Maintenance Programs
92Terminal Diagnostics - Used with LD 31
93Invoke Conference Test - Used with LD 88
94 + Pickup Group NumberRinging Number: Group Pickup
95 + DNRinging Number: Directory Number Pickup
96Centrex Switchhook Flash
97ACD analog set Log in/out
98ACD analog set Activate/deactivate Not Ready

Note: Stations still require the appropriate CLS for a SPRE feature code to work.

Room Status (RMS) package 100 requires the following:

  • Controlled Class of Service (CCOS) package 81, and
  • Background Terminal Facility (BGD) package 99.

To change the Room Status, dial SPRE 86 and the room status code, followed by * and the Maid ID followed by #, if required. Then hang up or press RLS.

Flexible Feature Codes (FFC's) are an alternative to using standard SPRE activated feature codes. FFCs are up to four digits long and are defined in LD 57.

86 + XRoom Status Code
86 + 1Cleaning Request
86 + 2Cleaning In Progress
86 + 3Room Cleaned
86 + 4Passed Inspection
86 + 5Failed Inspection
86 + 6Cleaning Skipped
86 + 7Not For Sale

2500-type telephone features (no SPRE code used)

# 1 + DNCall Forward
# 2 + Speed Call code + DNSpeed Call, Individual, To Program Entry
# 2 + Speed Call code + *Speed Call, Individual, To Erase Entry
# 3 + Speed Call codeSpeed Call, Individual, To Use Entry
# 4Permanent Hold
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