Mike's PBX Cookbook

Class of Service Guide

LD 10: Analog / LD 11: Digital

The following CLS assignments determine calling options and features available to the user/telephone.
To change a Class of Service option (in LD 10 or LD 11):

REQ:   CHG            Change...  
TYPE:  2616           Phone model   
TN     l s c u        Terminal number (loop, shelf, card, unit)     
ECHG   YES            Yes, lets do "Easy Change" 
ITEM   CLS a...a      Class of Service option(s), see below... 

Station CLS options:

AAA(AAD)   Automatic Answerback
ABDA(ABDD) Abandoned call record and time to answer
ADD   Automatic Digit Display
ADV   Data Port Verification Allowed
(AGN)   ACD Agent
AGRA(AGRD)   Agent Greeting
AGTA(AGTD)   ACD services for 500/2500 Active/Not Active
AHA(AHD)   Automatic Hold
(ALCA)ALCB   ALC loss plan: class A port type/class B port type
AOS   ACD Supv Can Observe Other Supv
ARHA(ARHD) Audible Reminder of Held Call
ASCA(ASCD) Alarm Security
AUTD Denied Authorization code Class of Service
AUTR(AUTU) Restricted/Unrestricted Authorization code Class of Service
BFEA(BFED)   Boss Secretary Feature Enhancement
BNRA(BNRD)   Busy Number Redial
(BUZZ)   Buzz when off hook
C6A(C6D)   Six-Party Conference
CCBA(CCBD) Collect Call Blocking - Blocked/Not Blocked
CCSA(CCSD) Controlled Class of Service
CDCD(CDCA)   Conferee Display Count Denied/Allowed
CDMA(CDMD) Generate external station activity records (Not CDR)/Not Generate
CFHA(CFHD) Call Forward/HUNT Override
CFTA(CFTD) Call Forward by Call Type
CFXA(CFXD) Call Forward All Calls to external DN
CLBA(CLBD) Activate Calling Party Number and Name per-line blocking
CLTA(CLTD) Network Call Trace from this telephone
CMSA(CMSD)   Command and Status link
CNAA(CNAD)   CLASS Calling Name Multiple Data Format
CNDA(CNDD) Call Number Display
CNIA(CNID) Call Number Information
CNTA(CNTD)   Network ACD Countdown
CNUA(CNUD)   CLASS Calling Number Multiple Data Format
CNUS   CLASS Calling Number Single Data Format Allowed
(CPFA)CPFD Forced Camp-On from another set
(CPTA)CPTD Forced Camp-On to another set
CRA(CRD)   Continuous Ring
CRPA(CRPD)   Corporate Directory
(CTD)CUN Conditionally Toll Denied (default)/Unrestricted
CWA(CWD)   Call Waiting
CWNA(CWND)   Call Waiting Notification
(DAPA)DAPD   Display Access Prefix
(DDGA)DDGD DN display on other set
DDS   Delay Display, display activates after call is answered
(DDV)   Data Port Verification Denied
DELA(DELD)   Dealer
DIP   Dial Pulse - rotary and dial pulse telephones.
DLO   Digital Long telephone set
(DNAA)DNAD DN of set/Route will be used in 3WT ANI messages/
DNDA(DNDD)   Dialed Name Display
DNDN(DNDY) Diversion Notification Option (QSIG)
(DNO3)DNO1-2 Diversion Notification Option (QSIG) DNO1-3
(DOS)   ACD Supv Cannot Observe Other Supv
DRDA(DRDD)   Distinctive Ringing by Directory Number Allowed
(DRG1)DRG2-4   Distinctive Ringing: 1-High fast/2-High slow/3-Low fast/4-Low slow
(DSH)   Digital Short telephone set
DSI(DSX)   Data Service access or IS Server TN
DTA   Data Terminal
(DTN)   Digitone DTN is used for 2500 sets
EHTA(EHTD)   Enhanced Hot Line
ELA(ELD)   Erase lists
ENG   English language display
(EXR0)EXR1-4 Executive Distinctive Ringing Off/use Tone 1 to 4
FAXA(FAXD)   Fax/Modem allowed ISDN call
FBA(FBD) Call Forward Busy - DID calls Ring Attendant/Call Forward Busy Normal
FDSA(FDSD) Force Disconnect
FICA(FICD)   Forward Intercom Calls
FITA(FITD)   Flexible Incoming Tones
FLXA(FLXD)   Flexible voice/data
FNA(FND) Call Forward No answer
FREFR1-2 Fully Restricted/Restricted 1/Restricted 2
(FRN)   French language display
(FTTC)FTTR Allows trunk to trunk connections for Conference/Denied - no conferencing
FTTU Allows trunk to trunk Conference and Transfer
FXSP   Flexible Services Port
GPUA(GPUD) Group Pickup
GRLA(GRLD)   Group Listening
HBTA(HBTD) Hunt By call Type
HFA(HFD)   Digital Telephone Handsfree
HPR High Priority station
HSPA(HSPD) "Hospitality, used for Hospitality Management"
HSTA(HSTD)   Host Terminal
HTA(HTD) Hunting
IAMA(IAMD)   ICP Answering Machine
ICDA(ICDD) Internal Call Detail Recording
IMA(IMD)   Integrated Messaging Service Attendant
IPNA(IPND)   Intercept Position
IRA(IRD)   Incoming Ringing Line Preference
IRGA(IRGD)   Interrogation set for intercept computer
LDN Listed Directory Number defined in CDB - used for CLID
LDTA(LDTD)   Line Disconnect Tone
LLC1-3 Line Load Control Class 1, thru 3
(LMPN)LMPX   MW Lamp - status of the mailbox associated with the prime DN/any DN
LNA(LND) Last Number Redial
LOL   Long line Class of Service (default if CLS = OPS)
LPA(LPD)   Message Waiting Lamp
(LPR) Low Priority station
LVXA(LVXD)   LOGIVOX Class of Service Allowed
MBXA(MBXD)   Multi-Party Operation (MPO) Blind Transfer
MCBN   Set linked to a non-MICB line card
MCBY   Set linked to a MICB line card
MCDA(MCDD) Microsoft Converged Desktop
MCRA(MCRD)   Multiple Call Arrangement
MCTA(MCTD) Malicious Call Trace
MINA(MIND) Message Interrupt
MPTA(MPTD)   Modem Pass Through
MMA(MMD)   Multimedia
MNL   Manual service - Used for HOT
MOAA(MOAD)   Mute on Answer
MRA(MRD) Message Registration
MSIA(MSID)   Make Set Busy Improvement
MTA(MTD)   Maintenance Telephone
MWA(MWD) Message Waiting
NAIA(NAID)   No Answer Indication
(NAMA)NAMD Name Display on other set
NDD   No Digit Display
NIA(NID)   Non-ringing Incoming Line Preference
NOVA(NOVD) Network Override/Breakin
NRCA(NRCD) Night Restriction for forced Camp-On
NROA(NROD) Night Restriction for Priority Override
NRWA(NRWD) Night Restriction for Call Waiting
OCBA(OCBD) Outgoing Call Barring
OLA(OLD)   Outgoing Line Preference
ONDA(ONDD)   One Number Delivery for a portable
(ONP)   On-Premises extension
ONS   On-Premises Station (default for all others)
OPS   Off-Premises Station (default if CDEN is DD)
OPX   Off-Premises extension Supported by QPC192 only
OVDA(OVDD)   Override
(PDN) Primary Directory Number
PGNA(PGND) Allow/Deny PAGENET access
POA(POD)   Privacy Override
PRSA(PRSD) Priority Call Pickup
PUA(PUD) Call Pickup
RBDA(RBDD) Redirection By Day
RBHA(RBHD) Redirection By Holiday Allowed
RCBA(RCBD)   Recall to Boss
(RCC) Restricted from Receiving Collect Calls
RDI Restricted from receiving DID calls
(RDLA)RDLD   Automatic Redial
RLFA(RLFD)   Reversed Lamp Flash
RMMA(RMMD) Remote Monitoring of Messages
RMMO Allow Remote Monitoring of Messages
RNGB   "Apply ringing when idle, off hook or busy"
RNGI   Apply ringing when idle but off hook
RTDA(RTDD) Call Redirection by Time of day
SFA(SFD) Second Level CFNA
(SHL)   Short line Class of Service
SMSA(SMSD)   Standalone Mail Server
SMWA(SMWD) Extended Message Waiting Indication
SPKA(SPKD)   Speaker
SPV   ACD Supervisor
SRE Semi-Restricted
STSA(STSD)   Set-to-Set Messaging
SWA(SWD) Station-to-Station Call Waiting
TDD   Tandem Digit Display Automatic set display feature
TENA(TEND) Tenant Service
THFA(THFD)   Centrex Trunk Switch Hook Flash on this set
TLD Toll Denied
TSA   Three-Party Service allowed
TVA(TVD)   Trunk Verification from station
UCC Not Restricted from Receiving Collect Calls
(UDI) Not Restricted from Receiving DID Calls
ULAA(ULAD) Set Based Administration User Access
UNR Unrestricted
USMA(USMD) Meridian 911 position
USRA(USRD) User Selectable Call Redirection
(VCE)   Voice Terminal
VMA(VMD)   Server Voice Messaging
(WTA)WTD Warning Tone
XFA(XFD)   Call Transfer
XFR   Hookflash disabled - no transfer
XHA(XHD) Exclusive Hold
XMWI(XMWD) Extended Message Waiting indication
XRA(XRD)   Ring Again
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