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Night Service

When new customers are made in LD 15, they automatically come up in Day Service. On a system without an attendant console, switching from Day Service to Night Service is accomplished with a Call Processor Reload, or by shutting down and powering back up.

Setting Night or Day Service is implemented at an Attendant Console:

During Night Service, calls that are normally routed to the Attendant are directed to the Customers Night number (Load 15) or to the trunks NITE DN (Load 14). If programmed, Load 14 NITE DN's take precedence over the Load 15 NIT 1-4 DN. This includes internal calls or external calls on trunks that are not Auto-Terminated or Private (LD 16, AUTO=NO and PRIV=NO). Options 11-81C are automatically in Night Service upon power-up. The assignment of Night DN's is optional, it is therefore possible to program a system with no night answering point - the caller would hear ringing, but their call would not be answered. The Night DN may be defined as a multiple appearance DN (MADN) with multiple call arrangement (MCR). All sets assigned the DN should be in the same switch (node) - as is the case where there is only one Meridian telephone switch.

Types of Night Service

Selected Trunks to Selected Directory Numbers (DN's)
In LD 14, some (or all) trunks can be assigned to ring individual Night DN's during Night Service. If a trunk is assigned a LD 14 NITE DN, it takes precedence over LD 15 NIT 1-4. If the LD 14 NITE DN is different than the LD 15 Night DN, incoming trunk calls cannot be picked-up by dialing the "Trunk Answer From Any Station" code 1 + 4. TAFAS can only be used for calls to the LD 15 NIT 1-4 DN's.

Night Answer Telephone
All calls normally routed to the Attendant Console can be routed to one particular DN (Night Bell) when the attendant puts the system in Night Service. The NIT1 DN could terminate at phones or external bells and could be answered at any other phone by dialing the TAFAS code 1 + 4. LD 15: NIT1 xxxx (Night Answer point), TIM1 (If no time is entered, 24 hours is assumed).

Night Service by Time of Day (NSTD)
Allows the definition of up to four Night DN's with a time associated with each - start times must be in ascending order. Incoming calls can be answered using the TAFAS code 1 + 4.

Programming is done in LD 15:

NIT1 xxxx - the first night DN
TIM1 xxxx - start time of first night service DN
NIT4 xxxx - the fourth night DN
TIM4 xxxx - start time of fourth night service DN

NIT data can be printed in LD 21 (REQ: PRT, TYPE: NIT).

Auto-terminating or Private trunks (LD 16, AUTO=YES or PRIV=YES) are not affected by Night or Day Service, and behave like Direct Inward Dial. Incoming calls are routed directly to the ATDN (LD 14) or PVR Key (LD 11), not to the Operator or Night DN's.

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