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Service Directory Numbers

There are two types of Service Directory Number (SDN's):

1. Inbound-Required for dialable services, the number a caller dials to access a service.
These are the ones we're interested in for creating dialable services or applications.
2. Outbound-Added automatically by the system to place outgoing calls.
You cannot use CallPilot Manager to create or modify outbound SDNs.

Inbound SDN's

A Service Directory Number (SDN) is defined for every service or application that is to be directly accessed by callers. It is equivalent to the Voice Services DN (VSDN) table in Meridian Mail.

Call Pilots treatment of an incoming call:

The Service Directory Number (SDN) Table:
[System], [Service Directory Number]

Adding inbound Service Directory Numbers (SDNs)

To make a custom application available to mailbox owners or callers, add the SDN to the CallPilot SDN Table. When a custom application becomes obsolete, delete the SDN. You must know the Controlled DN (CDN) or Phantom DN configured on the switch for the service you are adding.

The SDN Details page is used to add new SDNs or modify existing ones:
[System], [Service Directory Number], click on an SDN to edit, or click NEW to create.

Click NEW, and fill in the following:

Note: The PBX must forward the SDN to the Call-Pilot CDN, either via an ACD in NCFW (Night Call Forward), or a Phantom DN with FTR DCFW (Default Call Forward). The Phantom DN method is prefered for callpilot systems, although either works.

The Maximum number of SDNs that you can add for each server is:

201i -500
703t -2500
1002rp -2500
1005r -2500

Outbound SDN's

You cannot add or delete an outbound SDN in CallPilot Manager, they're added automatically by the system to place outgoing calls.

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