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Configure a Phantom Superloop

Phantom Superloops are needed for phantom DN's. Phantom DN's are used as an alternative to dummy (secondary) ACD queues, and typically route calls to Meridian Mail or Call Pilot dialable services (via the VSDN or SDN table). It is preferable (although not imperative) to use phantom DN's with Meridian Mail or Call Pilot because calls are forwarded with a "no answer" condition, as opposed to a "busy". Also, the number of ACD DN's is limited to 240 total. Phantom DN's exist only in software, and require no hardware. "Virtual DN's" are similar, they also exist only in software, but are used for IP sets and trunks.

Note:Phantom loops are for 500 type phones.
Virtual loops are for IP phones and trunks.
Note: A superloop cannot have both phantom and virtual units together, it must be either one or the other. Preceed with "N" to designate phantom, "V" to designate virtual, or "X" to remove.

A phantom loop must be provisioned in the switch before you can configure phantom DN's.
To check if a phantom loop already exists, print the configuration record in LD22...

>LD 22
REQ  prt
TYPE  cequ

SUPL	000  004  008  012
        016  032  036  040
        048  P064 P068

A phantom loop is shown with the prefix P. Above, superloops 64 and 68 are phantom loops.

If you find that no phantom loops or superloops exist on the switch, configure a new phantom loop in LD 97

  >LD 97
  REQ  chg
  TYPE  supl
  SUPL Nxx            prefix loop number with "N" to add, or "X" to remove

This loop may now be used to create Phantom DN's, the TN is used in the normal way.

Phantom TNs can use superloops 0-156 (in multiples of four) for all machine types except the Option 11.

Option 11C Phantom Loops

Option 11C Loops are a little different to those of large systems. On Opt 11C, Rls 23.55, loop number range is 64-80 in multiples of 4 - corrisponding to slots 41-60. With Rls 24+, the Opt 11C range is increased to 96-112 in multiples of 4 - corrisponding to slots 61-80. Use the following tables to figure out the Loop and associated TN values for Option 11C switches.

Opt 11C Phantom Loops and associated TNs

Phantom Associated TN (Card) Unit
41 42 43 44
45 46 47 48
49 50 51 52
53 54 55 56
57 58 59 60

For the Option 11C with Line Side Expansion (LSE), X11 Release 24 software added 32 to the loop and 20 to the Terminal Numbers (just to confuse you) as shown below.

Opt 11C with Line side expansion

Phantom Associated TN (Card) Unit
61 62 63 64
65 66 67 68
69 70 71 72
73 74 75 76
77 78 79 80

Save changes!

When you have finished modifying the switch configuration, save your changes in Overlay 43. If you do not save your changes, all of your programming is lost when the switch is shut down.

Load Overlay 43, and at the "." prompt, enter EDD to dump the data to disk.

>LD 43

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