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201i/202i HEX display Codes
During startup and normal 201i server operation, the HEX display on the server faceplate displays diagnostic codes.

Multi I/O cable NTRH0912
Pinout for the multi port LAN and modem cable, used with CallPilot 201i and 202i servers.

App-builder will not run
This could be a problem on both the Windows server 2003 and the Client PC

Application Builder Errors
Application Builder could not load the application from the server, Application is locked.

Blue Call Router Error
If the CallPilot server shows a Blue Call Router Error.

CallPilot - FAQ
CallPilot - Frequently asked questions

CallPilot 600r Installation Notes
CallPilot 600r Server Installation Notes.

600r Reboot Issue
Avaya CallPilot 600r server memory failure could result in service disruption.

CallPilot Alarm Monitor
If the CallPilot server faceplate display shows either CRI, MAJ, or MIN, an alarm (or event) has occurred.

Backup Restore Tool
The following describes the various functions, and options, within the Backup Restore Tool application.

CallPilot Channel Monitor
If the server experiences trouble processing incoming calls, you can view the state of call channels in Channel Monitor.

Add/Edit CallPilot Holidays
Holidays must be kept up-to-date if you're using a Day Control in an application created with Application Builder.

CallPilot Keycode Upgrade
Callpilot Security Administration Password Options.

Installing Languages
The following describes how to install CallPilot languages form the Configuration Wizard.

Create Multiple Mailboxes
Create a CSV file, which can be imported into CallPilot to generate multiple mailboxes on a new install.

CallPilot Platform Details
The different CallPilot hardware platform details and specifications.

CallPilot - External DVD drive failures
The NTRH9105 external DVD-ROM drive used with CallPilot IPE platforms may fail to function when connected to the server. This Nortel Product Advisory Alert describes a possible solution.

Lost Password Procedure
CallPilot backdoor password reset procedure if your system is based on NT 4.0 (one of the early CallPilots).

CallPilot Security Administration
Callpilot Security Administration and Password Options.

Call Pilot IP Security problem
Unable log onto Call Pilot, system displaying WWW service is unavailable.

CallPilot Network Interfaces
Check or change the CallPilot network interface addresses

CallPilot PBX Setup
PBX configuration steps for CallPilot

CallPilot network backup
CallPilot can easilly be backed up to a shared network drive, this procedure describes how.

CallPilot Preset Server List
Populate the CallPilot Server List in the login screen

CallPilot Server Status
CallPilot Manager displays a System Ready Indicator (SRI) that shows the current status of the CallPilot server.

CallPilot 202i install/re-image
How to create a USB Drive for CallPilot Windows 2003 Server to significantly speed up the installation/re-imaging process.

CallPilot User Guide
Short user guide for Call Pilot

Exporting User Details
This procedure shows how to export the User List from CallPilot, and import it into Excel.

IPSEC Policy missing
CallPilot ELAN comes up at start of boot and then drops. After that, the CallPilot cannot ping out or in.

Recover CallPilot configuration
Recover the customer configuration files from a non-booting Callpilot, and re-apply them in the re-imaged installation

How to re-image CallPilot
Boot to DOS and insert the first disk...

CallPilot Remote Desktop
How to use a Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) client to remotely connect to the Call-Pilot server for administrative purposes

Restore CallPilot ELAN
If the ELAN goes down, CallPilot will too! A procedure to reset the ELAN.

Service Directory Numbers
How to define a Service Directory Number (SDN), required for every service or application that is to be directly accessed by callers.

Call-Pilot de-acquire CDN's
How to manually de-acquire TN's, ACD's, and CDN's

Delete Stale Mailboxes
Stale mailboxes are those which haven't been accessed in a while - usually a long while.

Upgrade CallPilot 4 to 5
The steps required to upgrade a CallPilot server from version 4 to 5.

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