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External DVD drive failures

The following Product Advisory Alert can be summarised as: "make sure the drives internal IDE connector is properly seated as it can become loose during shipment". Also, make sure the SCSI terminator connector is attached. SCSI can be temperamental!

Bulletin Number: PAA-2006-0073-Global
Date: 16 March 2006

Problem Description

The NTRH9105 external DVD-ROM drive used with CallPilot IPE platforms may fail to function when connected to the server. When this failure happens, the DVD-ROM drive door will operate normally if the faceplate eject button is pressed, but the following symptoms may exist, all of which result in a failure to read CD-ROM based media used to apply PEPs/Service Updates or perform software release upgrades:

The NTRH9105 drive is a component within the NTUB59AC CallPilot IPE CD-ROM kit. The affected DVD-ROM version drive assembly is black in color and was introduced to this kit in the September 2005 timeframe.

This alert advises Channel Partners of this rare but potential problem and provide Nortel’s recommendation and interim solution for resolving the issue until a final solution is available.


To ensure proper operation and minimal downtime, Nortel strongly recommends the NTRH9105 external DVD-ROM drive be examined for proper internal adapter and cable connections prior to connecting the drive to the CallPilot server.

Drive Identification

The affected NTRH9105 drives can be identified as follows:

Model #: NTRH9105
External case: Black in color
Rear faceplate visual:

Problem Details

The DVD-ROM drive contains an internal SCSI-to-IDE conversion Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assembly or adapter which may loosen during shipment/handling. If the adapter becomes loose or disconnected, the drive will not be recognized by the operating system or may behave improperly or unreliably.

Problem Resolution

We have escalated this concern to the original equipment manufacturer to pursue enhancements to the unit design.

To resolve the issue though, use the following steps:

1. Follow proper Electro-Static Discharge (ESD) procedures (e.g. wear a wrist strap)

2. Disconnect power to the drive assembly

3. Remove the two screws on the rear faceplate cover

4. Disconnect any cables and slide the external black plastic shell or cover off which then exposes the metal shell.

5. Slide the metal shell off towards the back of the assembly top plate.

6. Locate the adapter board as depicted below:

7. Ensure the IDE ribbon cable is firmly connected to the adapter.

8. Firmly push the adapter board into the back of the IDE drive, paying close attention to proper alignment to avoid any bent pins and ensure proper connectivity

9. Reassemble the DVD-ROM unit in reverse order.

10. Reconnect power and external cabling to the CallPilot server.

11. Boot the CallPilot server to service. Once up, ensure the DVD-ROM drive is assigned in Windows as letter “Z”. If not, change it using Windows Disk Management which can be accessed using the following steps

  1. Right-click on My Computer
  2. Select Manage
  3. Expand Storage by clicking the plus-sign
  4. Select Disk Management

Additional Note

It is recommended to apply 3/4" or 1" double sided tape along the full length of the SCSI adapter as shown below:

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