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Norstar Voice Mail (NAM)

  • Norstar NAM - FAQ
  • Quick user guide
  • Voice Mail Glossary
  • Voice Channel Status
  • Administrative Programming
  • Common Voicemail Features
  • Voice Mail System Admin
  • Printing Reports
  • Backup NAM capabilities
  • Mail Password Lockout
  • Hidden FEATURE 993 Options
  • Backup/Restore NAM
  • Recording a Greeting
  • Set Answer Lines Status
  • Setting the Business Hours
  • ATDN and Business Status
  • Shutting down the NAM
  • Serial laptop connection
  • Serial (NAM, RAD, SMDR)
  • Setting up Custom Call Routing
  • Reference Guide
  • Set Up & Operation Guide
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • Minuet ACD Admin Guide
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