Mike's PBX Cookbook

Recording a Greeting

When you are recording the Greetings, do not use the Hands-free feature. Speak directly into the telephone receiver.

To record a Greeting:

1.  Press FUNCTION 983

2.  Enter the System password: 1020000, then press OK .

3.  Press AA

4.  Press GRTG

5.  Press GRTG again

6.  Enter the greeting number to be recorded (from 1 to 40) and press OK

7.  Press REC . At the tone, record your greeting.
Do not hang up the receiver when you have finished recording.

8.  Press OK to end your recording.

9.  To listen to the greeting, press PLAY .

To accept the recording, press OK .
To record the greeting again, press RETRY

Repeat steps 5 through 9 for any other numbered greeting you want to record.

10. Press RLS to end this programming session.

nsgreet.jpg (12826 bytes)

For example:

Greeting # 1 – “office hours” main greeting
Greeting # 2 – “out of hours” closed greeting
Greeting # 4 – “Holiday” closed greeting

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