Mike's PBX Cookbook

Setting the Business Hours

Setting the Business Hours determines when each greeting is played on the Greeting Tables. Business Hours are divided into the four categories Morning, Afternoon, Evening, and Non-business for each of the seven days of the week for each Greeting Table.

For example:

Greeting # 1 – “office hours” main greeting
Greeting # 2 – “out of hours” closed greeting
Greeting # 4 – “Holiday” closed greeting

The Holiday greeting is invoked manually (Business Open Y/N)
The main and closed greetings are selected automatically depending on the time settings:

1.  Press FUNCTION 983

2.  Enter the System password: 1020000, then press OK .

3.  Press AA

4.  Press TABLE

5.  Enter 1, then press OK - we're usually using TABLE 1

6.  Press OK (AA menu prompt should be N)

7.  Press NEXT (Morning: 1)

8.  Press NEXT (Afternoon:1)

9.  Press NEXT (Evening: 2)

10. Press NEXT (Non-business: 4)

11. Press NEXT (Lang Pref: pri)

12. Press NEXT (Atdt: DN)

13. Press NEXT (CCR tree: disable)

14. Press CHNG to change Mo morn: hours,
Press NEXT move on, press DAY to change day.

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