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Backup NAM capabilities

warning IMPORTANT! If the NAM has been upgraded to 4 channels or more, make sure the new capabilities file is backed up.

Any time the NAM has been upgraded to 4 channels or more you should back up the capabilities file.

The capabilities file contains all upgrade and capability information that enables the use of more than 2 channels. In case of a hard drive failure the capabilities file can be restored to a new hard drive. If the capabilities file is not available to be restored to a new hard drive, additional keycodes must be purchased in order to enable more than 2 channels.

Norstar NAM open

The capabilities file is backed up as follows:

  1. Feature 915
    (If F915 does not give a “Password” prompt, try feature codes
    from F910 to F949 until you do get a “Password” prompt)

  2. “Password” - enter 2223772# (ACCESS2)

  3. “ACCESS Server” - press ADMIN

  4. “A. Prt queue mgr” – press NEXT 4 times

  5. “E. Bckp/Rstr” – press SHOW

  6. “Backup & Restore” – press BCKP

  7. “Insert floppy” – insert the floppy disk in the drive and press OK

  8. “Backup complete” – press OK – remove floppy disk and store it in a safe place

Don't forget to label the floppy disk, Nortel recommend SEKUR/Capabilities File.

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