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Norstar Voice Mail Glossary

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See Automated Attendant.
The tasks involved in maintaining the Norstar Voice Mail Mailboxes, Greetings and set up configuration. Administration also involves setting up and maintaining the CCR Trees.
Alternate directory numbers (DNs)
When a caller dials a directory number that has been programed to have one or more alternate directory numbers, Norstar Voice Mail rings at all of the sets simultaneously. The first set to answer accepts the call, the other sets cannot access the line or use the Interrupt Feature (Feature 987) to access the answered line. Alternate DNs are available only on User mailboxes.

Alternate Greeting

A greeting that is recorded for a Personal Mailbox and played only on exceptional occasions, such as absence.

Alternate Language

Norstar Voice Mail software is available in either English and French or English and Spanish. When the Primary Language is English, the Alternate Language is either French or Spanish.

Analog Terminal Adapter (ATA)

A Norstar product that allows the connection of an analog device, such as a single-line telephone or a facsimile machine, to a Norstar system.

Attendant sign ON/OFF

A task performed by a company Receptionist or designated Operator that indicates to Norstar Voice Mail when an “Operator” is available to answer calls.

Automated Attendant

The Norstar Voice Mail answering service that answers incoming calls with a Company Greeting, plays a menu of options to a caller, and performs call routing functions in response to a caller’s selections.



Blind Call

An incoming call where the caller is transfered directly to the DN requested.

Broadcast Message

A message that can be sent by the System Coordinator. This type of message is played in all initialized Personal Mailboxes and plays immediately when the mailbox is opened by the owner. It is deleted automatically after the mailbox owner listens to the message.

Business Status

A setting that overrides the schedule of the Greeting Table and plays the Non-business greeting until turned off.




See Custom Call Routing.

Channel configuration

The number of channels on the Norstar Voice Mail unit that are designated for outdialing.

Class of Service

A Class of Service defines the values for the special features of a Mailbox. When registering a mailbox, the System Coordinator programs several special features at once by choosing the number from the Class of Service table that will provide the level of service most appropriate for the user. A mailbox cannot be added without a Class of Service.

Company Directory

The Company Directory is an internal voice list containing the names of mailbox owners with initialized mailboxes who have been designated to appear in the directory.


The tasks involved in setting up the different parameters of Norstar Voice Mail. For example, configuring the Central Office (CO) lines answered by Norstar Voice Mail.

Configuring Norstar Voice Mail lines

The tasks involved in determining which external lines are answered by Norstar Voice Mail and which Greeting Table is assigned.

Custom Call Routing Tree

Call Paths that allow users to select options to direct their own calls along the paths you have created.




The parameters that are preset when Norstar Voice Mail is shipped from the manufacturer.


On a CCR Tree, the Destination determines where the caller is directed after listening to information or leaving a message in a mailbox.
The three Destination Types are:

Directory numbers

A two to seven-digit number that is used to reach a designated telephone.

Directory Number length

The number of digits in a Norstar DN and a Norstar Voice Mail mailbox number. The DN length ranges from two to seven digits.


A one-line or two-line display screen on a Norstar telephone that shows Norstar Voice Mail commands and options.

Display buttons

The three buttons that appear below a Norstar two-line display. When pressed, these buttons select the specified Norstar Voice Mail option.

Display Options

The choices available to a mailbox owner that appear on the Norstar two-line display. Options appearing on the display can be selected using the display or dialpad buttons.



Envelope information

A date and time stamp that appears on all messages left in a mailbox. When the message has been left by another mailbox owner, envelope information includes the message sender’s name.



Feature Code

A unique three-digit code that is used to access Norstar Voice Mail Features and options.



General Delivery Mailbox

One of the two Special Mailboxes used to collect messages for individuals who have not been assigned Personal Mailboxes.


There are three types of Norstar Voice Mail Greetings:

Company Greetings are played by the Automated Attendant to incoming callers. Personal Mailbox Greetings are played to callers who want to leave a message in the selected mailbox. Information Mailbox Greetings are played to describe goods or services available to callers.

Greeting Tables

A table for storing recorded Company Greetings, start times assigned to the greetings, and the lines that are to be answered by Norstar Voice Mail. There are four Greeting Tables.

Group Lists

A collection of mailbox numbers that are assigned a special “Group” number by Norstar Voice Mail. When a message is sent to a Group List, all mailboxes contained in the list receive the same message.

Guest Mailbox

A Guest Mailbox is a type of Personal Mailbox assigned to people who do not have a permanent directory number, but require a mailbox. These mailboxes receive and store messages in the same way that User Mailboxes do.



Home Menu

The Home Menu is the first CCR menu the caller encounters after hearing the Company Greeting. The Home Menu provides a list of single-digit options to a caller. A caller, after listening to the Home Voice Menu, selects the option by pressing a number on any tonephone. A Home Menu can be programed to offer eight options. By default, "0" is reserved for reaching the Operator, and "9" offers the menu in the alternate language. The Home Menu can also be a recorded Information Message that announces information to a caller and then disconnects that call when the announcement is finished.

Home Menu Voice Prompt

A voice prompt that provides a list of number options. When pressed, these options route a caller to: a sub-menu, an Information Message, a Leave Message option, or a transfer to a directory number.




Integrated Communication System, a Norstar business telephone system.

Information Mailbox

A mailbox that provides a caller with a message describing goods or services available from your company. The Information Mailbox does not take messages and does not have a directory number associated with it.

Information Message

On a CCR Tree, an Information Message is a message you record to provide a caller with information about goods or services available from your company. Information mailboxes must be created before the Information Message option can be added to the CCR Tree.


Preparing a mailbox to receive messages, which includes changing a mailbox default password, recording a Company Directory name, and recording Personal Mailbox Greetings.

Initializing Norstar Voice Mail

Preparing the Norstar Voice Mail settings that are used in mailbox number length and Language preference.



Leave Message

The Feature Code used to leave messages in Norstar Voice Mail mailboxes.

Leave Message option

The Leave Message option on a CCR Tree provides a caller with access to a mailbox so they can leave a message. By selecting this option, the caller is automatically transfered to a mailbox to leave a message.


The Home Menu is on Level 0. As sub-menus are added, the caller progresses through the levels of the CCR Tree. A total of 10 levels can be created (from 0 to 9).



M7100 telephone

The Norstar model M7100 telephone that has a single-line display, and one programmable button without an indicator.

M7208 telephone

The Norstar model M7208 telephone that has a single-line display, and eight programmable buttons with indicators.

M7310 telephone

The Norstar model M7310 telephone that has a two-line display with three display buttons, 10 programmable buttons with indicators, and 12 dual programmable buttons without indicators.

M7324 telephone

The Norstar model M7324 telephone that has a two-line display with three display buttons, and 24 programmable buttons with indicators.


A storage place for messages on the Norstar Voice Mail system.


Part of the Norstar Voice Mail Programing Record that contains mailbox information which includes mailbox number, assigned directory number, mailbox owner’s name, and Directory Overrides.

Mailbox number length

The number of digits allowed in a mailbox number. The mailbox number length ranges from two to seven digits.

Mailbox Overrides

Mailbox Overrides are optional parameters in addition to the Class of Service values. The Mailbox Overrides are: Include in Company Directory, Alternate Extensions, Fax Line (virtual), Call Screening, Message Waiting Notification, and Outdial route.


A menu is a voice prompt that you record which provides a caller with a list of up to eight options. There is one default pre-recorded menu, the Automated Attendant Menu, that plays after the Company Greeting. You can replace this default menu with a custom one, or you can assign the CCR Home Menu to play instead of an Automated Attendant menu.

Message Delivery Options

Message sending options that are stamped onto a message. There are five Message Delivery Options: Normal, Certified, Urgent, Private and Timed. A Message Delivery Option can be assigned to a message after a user has selected a mailbox, or after recording a message.

Message Waiting Notification

Message Waiting Notification provides a mailbox owner with a message notification Message for you on the display of their telephone. This Norstar Voice Mail Feature is a Mailbox Override.



Never Full Mailboxes

Your Norstar Voice Mail mailbox is equipped with the Never Full Mailbox Feature, which allows a caller to leave a message in your mailbox, even if the mailbox is “full”. The message will be stored, but cannot be accessed until you delete at least one saved message.

Norstar Voice Mail Programing Record

A booklet where Norstar Voice Mail configuration and CCR Tree programing information is written down.



Off-premise Message Notification

Allows you to direct your messages to any phone number, directory number or to a pager. This Norstar Voice Mail Feature is part of the Class of Service.


The Operator is the person whose directory number rings when the caller is prompted by the Automated Attendant to “Press 0 for an operator”. When the Operator is not available, all calls requesting the Operator are transfered to the General Delivery Mailbox. In Class of Service, the Operator is also known as a Targeted Attendant.

Operator default directory number

The Receptionist or Norstar Voice Mail designated Operator’s default extension. This default is preset to none, and must be changed to any valid directory number on the system.

Operator Status

The Norstar Voice Mail setting that tells the system whether or not a Receptionist or designated Operator is available.


A Norstar Voice Mail choice that is given to a user through voice or display prompts.

Outdial route

Outdial route determines which line or line pool the system uses when a mailbox owner replies to a message left by an external caller.




A four- to eight-digit number that is entered using the dialpad. A password is used to open mailboxes or perform configuration tasks.


A Path is the course an incoming call takes to or through one or more menus on a CCR Tree to reach a desired destination.

Path number

An identification number assigned to a Path on each CCR Tree. The number represents the sequence of digits that callers enter to route themselves along the Path.

Personal Mailboxes

Personal Mailboxes (appears on the telephone display as Subscriber when programing)

Primary Greeting

The main greeting played in a Personal Mailbox to callers wanting to leave a message.

Programmable memory buttons

Buttons on the Norstar one-line and two-line display telephones that can store Feature Codes and numbers.



Registering Mailboxes

Registering a mailbox adds a mailbox number onto the Norstar Voice Mail system using the Configuration Feature Code.


The Reports used to view Norstar Voice Mail programing, the amount of available message storage time, and CCR programing and administration.

Resetting passwords

A System Coordinator task that changes a mailbox password from its current setting back to the Norstar Voice Mail default setting 0000.

Resetting Norstar Voice Mail

Returning Norstar Voice Mail to its original default settings.



Special Mailboxes

The two mailboxes used by the System Coordinator and designated Operator. The two Special Mailboxes are System Coordinator and General Delivery.


A sub-menu is any menu presented to the caller after the Home Menu. Sub-menus can lead to other sub-menus. A total of nine sub-menus can be added to a CCR Tree.


When creating new mailboxes, the choices are Subscriber (which is a Guest or User mailbox) or Information.

System Coordinator

The person responsible for configuring, updating, and maintaining the Norstar Voice Mail system.

System Coordinator Mailbox

One of the two Special Mailboxes. Used by the System Coordinator for sending Broadcast Messages. This is the System Coordinator’s Personal Mailbox.



Target Attendant

The Target Attendant is assigned to answer a telephone when a caller opens a mailbox to leave a message and presses 0 (zero) to reach the Operator.

Touch Tone Phone

A push button telephone that emits DTMF tones.


On a CCR Tree, a Transfer prompt provides a caller with access to an extension or an extenal number. A Transfer prompt is assigned a one-digit number that appears in a menu. When this number is pressed, the caller is automatically transfered to speak with an individual.

User Mailboxes

User Mailboxes store the messages for mailbox owners who are unable to answer their telephone. These can be assigned to anyone in the system, providing they have a Norstar telephone.

Voice Prompts

The prerecorded voice instructions that are played when accessing the different Norstar Voice Mail Features and Options. Voice Prompts also guide a caller along the call Path of a CCR Tree.


The Workspace is a temporary space on the system that allows the System Coordinator to assemble or make changes to a CCR Tree.

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