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Voice Channel Status


Use this procedure to verify the number of voice channels installed, and the channel call status.

Norstar Voice Mail units are usually suppied with only two ports (of 8) enabled. If additional channels are available, but not enabled, the channel status will be "a" (see below). Enabling additional channels requires a "Voice Channel Upgrade Kit" (an Authorization number and subsequent KeyCode) from Norstar.

Channel Status

To check the Voice Channel Status:

Press [FEATURE] 9 1 5 (see note below)

Enter the default password,  2 2 2 3 7 7 2 (ACCESS2) and press #

Press NEXT until the display shows "Channel Status", press SHOW

Press ALL to view the number of Voice Channels in your system, and each channels status.

In this display there are four Voice Channels installed on the system.
3 are active, and one is idle. See below for the symbol definitions.

Note, the display is not 'real-time'. You must quit the Channel Status session and re-enter to view changes.

Voice Channel Symbols:

Note, the Voice Channel Status is shown for all Voice and Fax Channels. The Channels are not identified as Voice or Fax.

Voice Channel Symbol Definition of Symbol
. The Channel is installed and funtioning, but is currently idle.
r The Channel is ringing. Either receiving a call or attempting to make a call.
c The Channel is connected and is on an active call.
a The Channel is connected to the KSU, but is not activated for Norstar Voice Mail.
x A Channel is detected, but there is a connection problem.
* No Channel detected.

Additional Note:

When you check the channel status on a Norstar you use feature code 915. However, every time you add a new voicemail cabinet to the system that 915 number increments. So if your voicemail cabinet goes bad and you replace it, the feature code for the replacement unit becomes 916. So, if F915 does not give a "Password" prompt, try codes from F910 to F949 until you do get a "Password" prompt!

One way to check to see what the feature code might be: Feature ** xftest, Password: 266344

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