Mike's PBX Cookbook

Shutting down the NAM

The NAM (Norstar Applications Module) is a PC and uses the OS2/Warp operating system, which is similar to Windows. When it is necessary to power off the NAM, DO NOT just pull the power cord. You must perform a shutdown procedure as follows:

1. Feature 915
(If F915 does not give a “Password” prompt, try feature codes
from F910 to F949 until you do get a “Password” prompt)
2. “Password” - enter 2223772# (ACCESS2)
3. “ACCESS Server” - press NEXT
4. “System shutdown” - press SHOW
5. “Shutdown type” - press GRACE
6. “Shutdown graceful” - press YES

Wait about 30 seconds until you hear a series of tones with descending pitch. It is now OK to pull the power cord of the NAM.

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