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Norstar Mail - Locked out

I have forgotten my mailbox password:

If when trying to log into Norstar Mail (with Feature 983), you get an 'invalid password' error because the correct password is forgotten or lost, it is possible to reset the password to the system default (0000).

Each mailbox is assigned a maximum number of incorrect login attempts. When this number is exceeded the account is 'locked-out' and may only be accessed again after the System Coordinator has reset the password.

A forgotten password cannot be recovered.

Proceedure to reset Norstar Mail password:

Enter Feature 985 on the phone, then set XXXX (something will appear).
At this point, hit 9 on the phone, and enter the password 73738767793 - this spells resetsmpswd.
"RESET PSWD?" is displayed. Respond with "YES"

The password is now reset to the default: 0000.

Loging in:

Press Feature 983. "LOG" appears on the screen.
Enter the default password for the system.

The default password is as follows:

If your system uses 2 digit extensions: 120000
If your system uses 3 digit extensions: 1020000
If your system uses 4 digit extensions: 10020000
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