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Norstar Voice Mail Reports


You can connect a printer to the parallel port on the NAM (Norstar Application Module), and print reports. This is very useful for showing Norstar Voice Mail programming, status and the available message time.

The following reports are available:

# Report Contains
1 Directory Report A list of the mailbox owners in the company directory.
2 Numeric Mailbox Report A list of mailbox owners in order of mailbox numbers.
3 System Group List Report A list of Group Lists by number and name.
4 Message Usage Report A list of the current storage available in minutes on the NAM.
5 Mailbox Activity Report A list of daily and average mailbox statistics.
6 Caller ID (CLID) Report A list of the daily CLID activity for the Norstar Voice Mail System.
7 Dialing Translation Report A list of the current settings of the Dialing Translation parameters, and tables.
8 Alarm Report A list of the alarm messages that have been collected in the Alarm log.
9 Custom Call Routing (CCR) Admin A list of the menus on the CCR Tree, assignments to the menus, and any areas that need administering. The Tree report must be accessed through the CCR administration menu.
10 NVM Call Handling and Port Usage Report A two part report that summarizes both inbound and outbound call activity, as well as port usage for the previous seven days.
11 NVM System Configuration Report A four part report that indicates how the system is configured. the information presented includes: System Options, lines, Greeting Tables, installed Options, etc.
12 Fax-on-Demand Usage Report A list of Fax-on-Demand requests for the previous seven days. Includes the date, time, item requested, delivery fax number, and Caller ID of the caller.


There is a standard PC type 25way D (female) parallel port connector on the under side of the NAM. Open the trough door, locate this port, and connect the printer. The NAM supports any Epsom compatible parallel printer (dot matrix).

Printing Reports

Before you begin to print your reports, ensure the printer is connected and turned on!

  1. Press [FEATURE] 9 8 3 , and enter the System Co-ordinator number and password (default: 1020000).

  2. Enter 7 , the first report appears on the display.

  3. To print the first report (Directory), press PRINT. To find another report, press NEXT .

  4. Press [RLS] to end this session.

Report 5, Mailbox Usage, also has the option to RESET the Mailbox Activity Report.

Tree reports

To print CCR Tree Reports, which is useful when checking the Auto Attendant programming, first access the CCR administration menu.

  1. Press [FEATURE] 9 8 3 , and enter password.

  2. OTHR

  3. Press CCR

  4. Press ADMIN

  5. Enter the Tree Number

  6. Press PRINT

  7. Press either QUIT or [RLS] to end this session.

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