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CallPilot Server Status

System Ready Indicator (SRI)

CallPilot Manager displays a System Ready Indicator (SRI) that shows the current status of the CallPilot server. The SRI enables you to monitor CallPilot server status at all times and identify problems with CallPilot call processing.

The SRI appears in the upper right corner of each CallPilot Manager page. The icon indicates the current CallPilot server status.

StartingStartingThe CallPilot server is starting up.
ReadyReadyThe CallPilot server is in full operation.
WarningWarningCalls are being processed but some accompanying services are not functioning.
FailureFailureCalls are not being processed.
UnknownUnknownStatus information about the CallPilot server is currently unavailable.

For information about the current server status, click the SRI. The status information appears in a separate window.

Voice Channels:

A nice big green tick does not necessarily mean that CallPilot is fully operational, just that the server is functioning! If the front-panel HEX display (201i/202i) shows C:01, the CallPilot > PBX DS30x interface (#1) is down and calls will not be answered.

STAT the Agents in LD 32. The number of 2008 units depends on the number of 'Max Voice Channels' provisioned (from keycode), but may be up to 32 per card. Use DISC and ENLC to reset the DS30x interface, then STAT to check agents are "logged in" and IDLE.

>ld 32
.stat 0 1 9                               L S C of CallPilot/MGate DS30X interface
00 = UNIT 00 = IDLE  (2008 LOG IN )       
01 = UNIT 01 = IDLE  (2008 LOG IN )       Check agents are "logged in" and IDLE
02 = UNIT 02 = IDLE  (2008 LOG IN )
03 = UNIT 03 = IDLE  (2008 LOG IN )
04 = UNIT 04 = IDLE  (2008 LOG IN )
05 = UNIT 05 = IDLE  (2008 LOG IN )
06 = UNIT 06 = IDLE  (2008 LOG IN )
07 = UNIT 07 = IDLE  (2008 LOG IN )
08 = UNIT 08 = IDLE  (2008 LOG IN )       # of agents corresponds with 'Max Voice Channels'
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