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Call Pilot IP Security problem

Affects: Call Pilot 201i using Windows Server 2003

Problem: Call Pilot is functioning; however, you are unable log onto the system to manage the voice mail boxes. The system is displaying a message "WWW service is unavailable".

Follow this procedure to rebuild the IP Security and restore WWW service.


1. Right-click My Computer/Manage/Services and Applications/Services

2. Check to see if ‘FTP Publishing Service’ and ‘World Wide Web Publishing Service’ are started – if not then, turn off ISS Admin Service; turn it back on again; restart FTP Publishing Service. Restart CallPilot.

3. If this does not resolve the problem; disable ‘IPSEC Services’ (do not forget to restart it when you are done); Restart CallPilot

4. If this resolves the problem then your Windows Server 2003 IPSEC Policy is corrupted and needs to be restored.

To restore the IPSEC Policy:

5. Make sure that the following services are started and have an “Automatic” Startup Type.

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