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Upgrade CallPilot 4 to 5

The steps required to upgrade a CallPilot server from version 4 to 5, a pre-requisite for a 7.5 upgrade.

Make sure you have:

The following (or newer) can be downloaded from ESPL:


  1. Copy the Upgrade Wizard on CallPilot and run it.
    You will be guided through the steps and a backup will be created.
    It is best to backup to a shared network drive.

  2. When the wizard finishes, boot CallPilot from the image#1 CD.
    Note it maybe nesscessary to alter the BIOS boot options (F2) to allow this.

  3. When booted, change to cdrom drive Z, and enter the command: image.bat
    This will start the image process.

  4. After the final disc, CallPilot will reboot, and the Installation Wizard will run. Set the ELAN network interface IP address in the control panel, and check you can map the network share with your backup on it before proceeding.

  5. The Installation Wizard will:

    • Change your windows password (write it down!)
    • Verify the new keycode
    • Restore the previous backup
    • Set ELAN/CLAN addresses
    • Install languages (have the language CD's ready)
    • Flash the DSP's

    CallPilot will reboot, and come into service.

  6. Copy the two service update patches to D:\TEMP

    Double click the smaller SU11S file first, and complete the steps. Do not restart.
    Double click the larger GO5C file second, complete the steps, and restart.

    CallPilot will reboot, now with Avaya branding.

  7. Install CP500S11G04A (AppBuilder Builder) on a client PC.

  8. Miller time!
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