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CallPilot Remote Desktop

When you use the Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) client to remotely connect to a Call-Pilot server for admin purposes, it is important to remember to use the /admin switch in order to connect to the servers 'root console' (also known as session 0). Otherwise certain windows and tasks (e.g. installing PEPs, accessing Support Tools, etc.) will not display properly.

WARNING: RDC is known to potentially disrupt ELAN communications activity between CallPilot and the switch, causing possible dropped calls or RNA (ring-no-answer) conditions, particularly on lower-bandwidth connections and with lower-CPU capable systems (201i IPE). RDC may still be used for remote maintenance but, preferably during low traffic periods, accepting this risk.

Windows Client:

  1. Create a RDC shortcut on the desktop (C:\Windows\System32\mstsc.exe).
  2. Right click this shortcut, and select Properties from the pop-up menu.
  3. In the Target field, add " /admin" at the end of the path (see below):
RDC properties admin switch
  1. Click Apply/OK to save the change.
  2. Double-click the RDC shortcut, enter the Call-Pilot server IP address, and your Remote Desktop session will start correctly.

Alternatively, if you don't need (or want) a new shortcut, start RDC from: Start ➤ All Programs ➤ Accessories ➤ Run
In the Open box, type mstsc /admin, and hit OK. Then enter the Call-Pilot server IP address, and connect normally:

Enable RDC Console Mode

The /admin switch was introduced in RDC 6.1. With older versions (Windows Server 2003), use the /console switch. RDC 6.1 is included in Windows Server 2008 and Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3).

Mac Client:

With RDC 2.1 for Mac, enter /console after the server address in the connection window:

RDC 2 Mac open admin connection

In Microsoft Remote Desktop 8, this option has moved to "Edit > Session > Connect to admin session" (check box):

Microsoft Remote Desktop 8 Connect to admin session

The CallPilot server IP address, username (administrator), and password are under the General tab.
For a Mac user, Microsoft Remote Desktop 8 (AppStore) works very well with CallPilot, and is recommended.

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