Mike's PBX Cookbook

Exporting User Details to Excel

This procedure shows how to export the User List from CallPilot, and import it into Excel.

1Open Internet Explorer, and LOGIN to CallPilot Manager.

Login to Call Pilot

2From the top menu, click on User - > User Search

User - > User Search

3Click on SEARCH (keep the * in the Find field to search for all records)

Click on Search

4Select all the records by clicking the top left corner Checkbox: CHECK

Select all records

5Then, at the top (or bottom) of the screen, click EXPORT

Export details

6Having clicked Export details, and after a short pause, a window appears similar to below.

Users List for Exporting

7Select File -> Save As. In the save box, change Encoding to Text File, enter a Filename, and SAVE to the desktop.

Export database

Alternatively, right-click inside the records window, Select all and Copy/Paste the data into Notepad. SAVE to the desktop.

Export database

8Now open up Microsoft Excel. Click Open to select the text (.txt) file you just created.

Excel - Open File

9Change Files of Type: to ALL Files (this will allow you to see the text file created earlier)

Excel - Show All Files

10Click OPEN, the Import Wizard starts. Leave Data Type as Delimited, and click NEXT

Excel Import Wizard

11On the next screen, ensure the Tab and Semicolon delimiters are CHECKED CHECK, click NEXT followed by FINISH

Excel Import Wizard

12When the Import Wizard finishes, an Excel document containing DNs, names, last log-on, file size, etc. is created.
Finally, SAVE this Excel file.

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