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600r Reboot Issue

Avaya CallPilot 600r server memory failure could result in service disruption.

Problem description

CallPilot 600r rack-mount servers (all variations) equipped with suspect memory modules may not reboot after a power failure. This condition has also been reported as "Server appears to reboot but no video is displayed."

This issue correlates to a Micron Technologies Known Product Defect (KPD), involving PC3200U 256MB DDR 400MHz memory modules (Micron part # MT5VDDT3272AY-40BF1) with date code 201036 and earlier wherein the memory begins to exhibit early life failure after approximately five (5) years of service.

The Micron memory date-code can be identified on the module itself as shown below:

Identify Micron memory date-code


Replace all Micron Technologies PC3200U 256MB DDR 400MHz memory modules using date codes earlier than 201036 (format yyyyzz, where yyyy=year, and zz=week) with another module with later date code. All memory with dates codes 201036 and later are not affected by this defect.

Or, replace all Micron Technologies memory with new <brand x> memory, available from Avaya using part # NTRH9224E5.


As an interim workaround, operate the system with a single memory module. A faulty memory module can be isolated by inserting one memory module at a time and rebooting the system. A faulty module will exhibit the reboot failure as noted above.

Note, operating the server with a single module will impact overall capacity and performance. This should only be implemented as a short-term workaround, and on systems with lower capacity (e.g. less than 48 channels).

Source: Avaya PSN# PSN004091u

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