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Security Administration

CallPilot "Security Administration" options and settings explained!

From the CallPilot Manager Menu bar, click: Messaging ➤ Security Administration:



Prefix before default password on 1st login. The default is 12. eg: 12 XXXX (DN)

Minimum Length:

Mailbox password can be between 4 and 16 digits in length.

Maximum Days Permitted Between Changes:

This is a system wide- setting and determines the number of days a user can keep the same password.
The range is 0 - 365 days. Default is 90

Password Expiry Warning days:

This field lets the administrator determine how many days before CallPilot notifies the user of the password's impending expiration. The default is five days. The range is 1 - 60 days.

Minimum Number of Change Before Repeats:

This determines the number of times before a user can use a password that has been previously used.
The default is 5.

Disabled Administrators will be Enabled:

The amount of time of time Administrators are locked out of CallPilot Manager if they try to logon with the wrong password too many times. You can enter up to 60 minutes. The default is 15 minutes.

Maximum Invalid Logon Attempts...

Per Mail box:

The number of invalid mailbox logon attempts allowed before lockout.
The range is 1 - 99. The default is 9

Per Session:

When the user reaches this value within the same session, CallPilot drops the session.
The range is 1 - 99. The default is 3.
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