Mike's PBX Cookbook

Create Multiple Mailboxes

CallPilot can import a text file with comma-separated values (CSV) and use it to create multiple mailboxes at once.

ExtensionMailboxFirst NameLast Name

We can create (or edit) a file in Excel and save as CSV for importing into CallPilot. Or use Notepad, and separate the fields with comma's.

Just four fields are required: Extension number, Mailbox Number, First Name, and Last Name. The extension and mailbox number are usually the same. Ensure that the first row contains your column headings.

Create a CSV file

For a new installation, use this tool to create a CSV file covering your DN range. Unused mailboxes can be deleted as a maintenance task later. Four fields are created, note that:

Enter the DN range, hit Submit, and find the mailbox.csv file in your downloads folder....

Start DN: End DN:

WARNING: This tool will quite happily create HUGE files, don't be silly!

Using Auto Add

After generating the CSV file, we need to import it in CallPilot Manager:

CallPilot Auto Add

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