Mike's PBX Cookbook

How to re-image CallPilot

1 Depending on your CallPilot system, you will need to hook up:

  • Keyboard, monitor, mouse (USB or PS2)
  • CD-ROM/DVD drive (USB or SCSI)
  • Tape drive (USB or SCSI)
202i: USB only
201i: PS/2 and SCSI
600r: PS/2, USB and SCSI

2 Boot CallPilot from the image#1 CD, or image DVD. It may be necessary to alter the BIOS boot options (F2 or Del) to allow this.

If CallPilot will not boot from the disk:
NOTE: Make sure the image disk(s) correspond to the platform type! Using the wrong image (i.e. 201i on a 1002rp) will cause unpredictable results. i.e., the image will install but not work!

3 Follow the on-screen prompts (enter “Y” at each prompt).

4 The re-image will take about 25 minutes. Feed CD-ROM disks 2 and 3 as prompted (newer systems have one DVD).

5 CallPilot will re-boot several times during the installion process. DO NOT TRY AND LOG IN AT THIS POINT.

6 When the login screen finally appears, log in as Administrator, and start configuration.

SystemUser IDPassword
Win NT4:Administratorabc123
Win2003 CP3:          "Bvw_250!#
Win2003 CP5:          "Bvw250
CP Manager:000000124578

7 On the first login after re-imaging, the Configuration Wizard will run... With it you can:

8 When CallPilot is fully configured/restored/functional/in-service, create a new "full-system" backup.


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