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Application Builder Errors

Note: Check the Windows filewall is turned off, on both the Admin PC, and on CallPilot itself.

1'The system could not load the application from the server, please check the connection to the server and try again'

The problem is a corrupted .ED file in D:\Nortel\FileTransfer on the CallPilot server.

To resolve, perform the following:-

  1. Delete all files in D:\Nortel\FileTransfer
  2. Delete all inconsistent applications.
  3. Build a new application using the system assigned appID.

2'The system could not load the application from the server'

When an application is loaded in AppBuilder, 2 files are created in C:\Nortel\CallPilot\AppBuilder\Uprog. If the user does not have write permissions in this folder, the error will occur. This is commonly seen where the user does not have Admin rights on the PC.

There are a number of ways around this problem:

  1. Give the user Write permission to C:\Nortel\CallPilot\AppBuilder\Uprog.
    Within the Windows File system, right click on the Uprog folder, and select Properties and Security tab.
  2. Install Appbuilder to a folder where the user has Write permission.
    This is a customisable option during installation, so it will be necessary to uninstall then re-install Appbuilder.
  3. Change HKLM\software\Nortel\CallPilot\AppBuilder\progdir to a folder where the user has Write permissions.
    The HKLM can be edited with regedit.exe. This would be a non-standard installation, and is not recommended.

3'Application is locked'

If the temporary files (.BAK and .ED) in C:\Nortel\CallPilot\AppBuilder\Uprog are not automatically deleted when the application is closed, you will not be able to re-open it. Below, 'Dial By Name' is locked, delete the 2 lock files to re-open it.

Delete Application Lock files

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