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CallPilot - FAQ

  • How do I log on to CallPilot
  • What are the default passwords
  • Dial '0' is not working
  • Who is the CallPilot voice?
  • How can I access Voicemail externally
  • The Announcement time is too short
  • App-Builder error opening Application
  • Show the loaded PEP's

  • How do I log on to CallPilot

    Launch a web browser (IE) on your PC, or on the CallPilot server (both must be connected to the ELAN). Enter CallPilots IP address in the URL window, and append /cpmgr to it. When the connection is established, the CallPilot Manager - Login page appears.

    CallPilot Manager - Login

    The URL automatically appears as http://<host name or IP address>/cpmgr/login.asp
    On the CallPilot server, the URL is http://localhost/cpmgr/login.asp

    To log on...

    If the logon details are correct, the CallPilot Manager screen is displayed:

    CallPilot Manager

    Note: Logging on for the first time forces you to change the password using numeric characters.

    What are the default passwords?

    They are...

    Win2003 CP 3.0:
    User ID:Administrator
    Win2003 CP 5.0:
    User ID:Administrator
    Windows NT:
    User ID:Administrator
     CallPilot Manager: 

    If you don't know the password, see: CallPilot - Lost Password Procedure

    Dial '0' is not working

    You need to set the Revert DN

    Messaging > Message Management > Revert DN

    Scroll down the settings to find:

    CallPilot Revert DN

    This is a system wide setting, which you can set to any DN you like!
    A good idea is to use a dedicated ICI Key DN, then the operator knows the caller zeroed out of CallPilot.

    Who is the CallPilot voice?

    It's Joan Kenley, a k a "Meridian Mary" or "Phantom of the Operator."
    Recognized as the "voice of voicemail", her distinct warm, friendly voice, is used for:

    Joan's voice has appeared in numerous television and radio commercials, The Simpsons, South Park, and more.
    You can also hear her on The Joan Kenley Show podcast.

    How can I access Voicemail externally

    To enable mailbox users to access their Voicemail externally, first set up a DID as an SDN routed to Voice Messaging Services.

    Then go to Messaging and select Security Administration to setup "Logon to Mailbox from Telephones External to PBX" (check the box next to the parameter).

    The Announcement time is too short

    To lengthen the announcement time, goto:

    Messaging > Messaging Management

    In the General section, change the "Maximum prompt size" to the desired length. Note that the Maximum prompt size limits Announcements, Thru-dial greetings and menu recordings. Use "Minimum Length of CA Message" to avoid saving mailbox hang-ups.

    CallPilot Message Length

    App-Builder error opening Application

    Delete the cache files located on the client PC at:


    Show the loaded PEP's

    To list the PEP's that are loaded on the Callpilot server, open the following:

    Start > Programs > Callpilot > System Utilities >PEP Maintenance Utility

    Click on the SHOW PEP's button.

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