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CallPilot - Lost Password Procedure

CallPilot 201i

CallPilot backdoor password reset procedure.

1 Connect a keyboard, mouse, and monitor to the CallPilot server, and then follow the instructions below.
Note that a 201i (with PS2 connectors) may need a restart to recognise the keyboard and mouse.

- or -

This procedure can be performed remotely, from a RDC console with the /admin switch.
To correctly configure the RDC client (console mode), see CallPilot Remote Desktop.

Alternatively, start RDC from: Start ➜ All Programs ➜ Accessories ➜ Run
In the Open box, type mstsc /admin (or type this in the Start search box).

Enable RDC Console Mode

2 Login to Windows, default passwords below:

PlatformUser IDPassword
Win NT:Administratorabc123
2003 CP3:AdministratorBvw_250!#
2003 CP5:AdministratorBvw250

If the password has been changed, and is not known, you may have to re-image CallPilot.

3 When logged in, on the server go to -

Start ➜ Programs ➜ Call Pilot ➜ System Utilities ➜ Support Tools

Login with one of the following:

User ID:distributor
Password:<ZagUNot:9- for NT4 (early) systems
"d</\>ST*cp3- for CP3 systems
"d</\>st.CP4- for CP4 systems
"%d</\>St.cP5- for CP5 systems
- or -
User ID:tas
Password:!TazIYex.4- for CP2 systems

The password must be entered exactly shown, with case and special characters.
When the password is correctly entered, the Support Tools 'main' menu will appear:

Callpilot Support Tools Menu

From the Support Tools Main menu...

A new window opens, and at the CI prompt type :

CI> resetadminpwd
CI> quit

This window closes, hit return, then 1 to Quit and exit.

4 Open a browser window, and log into CallPilot Manager using the default 000000 and 124578.

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