Mike's PBX Cookbook

Dial Intercom Groups

Dial Intercom Groups (DIG) are an internal paging system for the Meridian PBX System.
There are two ways you can set up these groups:

R - Ring If you dial someones 2-digit intercom number it will wait until it is answered before you will be able to talk.
V - Voice This will ring once then automatically pick up so you can talk or listen. It will only ring continuously if the person is on the phone.


To create a new Intercom Group, just create an Intercom Key on the phones that you want to be in the same Intercom group.

First print your existing groups:

LD 20
then enter through.

This will give you the list of groups already programmed.

Adding an Intercom key:

TYPE: 2616
TN: xxx xx xx xx
ITEM: KEY 8 DIG 1 10 V

Above, the KEY has been set as follows:

Program this on at least 2 phones with the same Intercom Group numbers but with different Personal Numbers i.e. 10 and 11.


Person 10 would press his Intercom Key (key 8) and dial "11" and if the other person "11" is off the phone it would ring once then automatically pick up. Then you can just speak to them without them having to press anything.

You must assign everyone you want to be able to talk to on the same Group number. i.e. Group 1 members can only talk to other group 1 members…so on and so forth.

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