Mike's PBX Cookbook

Free up Unused TN's

Over time, a number of unused or orphaned station TN's may accumulate. This can cause an inaccurate licensing burden, and wasted hardware. It's therefore desirable to do some periodic 'spring cleaning'. Also take this opportunity to remove unused station jumpers.

1Log on to the PBX, via Serial, PuTTY or Hyperterminal

2For each module or shelf, use the command LDIS in LD 32 to list disabled units.

Note: If LD 30 is included in the Daily Routines, any programmed but disconnected sets will be automatically disabled.

LD 32
.ldis l s                   list disabled units on loop and shelf (module # for Option 11)

If you have a very large system, you might want to do this with a script...

Any disabled TN's are identified by: CARD XX UNIT XX
Make a note of this, with the associated loop and shelf.

Alternatively, use LD 117 to generate a SETS inventory, and print it:

LD 117
=> inv gen sets             generate the inventory file for digital sets
=> inv prt sets             print the sets inventory

Sets inventory:
 2616, 004 0 04 03, <Unavailable>, 2616  , 6203
 2616, 004 0 06 01, M2616      NT9K16AC 03 04 F66A03 , 2616  , 6301
Sets which are programmed but disconnected are listed as <Unavailable>

3For each unit reported disabled, enable it to ensure there is no set connected:

Perform the following for each reported unit:

LD 32
.ENLU l s c u               enable loop, shelf, card, unit (TN)
.STAT l s c u               query status of TN to confirm enabled

Having confirmed the TN is enabled, IDU it:

LD 32
.IDU l s c u                print set id, similar to the ping command on a PC

Note: small systems (Option 11) require only <card> and <unit> for TN.

If you receive an output similar to below, the PBX can identify the set on this TN:

ARIES TN: l s c u           Aries:2006,2008,2216,2616 Orion:3110,3310,3820 Taurus:39**
TN ID CODE: M2008           
NT CODE: NT2K08WC           
COLOR CODE: xx              03-black, 35-beige, 66-platinum, 70-charcoal grey, 93-dolphin grey 
RLS CODE: xx                
SER NUM xxxxxx

However, an NPR503 message indicates the PBX cannot identify a set on this TN.
Pending investigation, this station is a candidate for removal!

4OUT any NPR503 units in LD 11, and REMOVE THE STATION JUMPERS to release the TN and station license.

Remember to check CallPilot, and remove any orphaned mailboxes.
Re-synchronise MAT, OTM or Phonemaster when finished.

Note: there is no IDU function for analogue (500) sets. These must be manually traced.

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