Mike's PBX Cookbook

Administration Loads

Overlay programs required for performing system administration (moves, adds & changes).
Refer to "Avaya Software Input Output Reference - Administration, NN43001-611".

Load (invoke) an overlay program by typing LD XX at the > prompt. Exit by typing four stars ****.

If a prompt ends in a colon (:)...

LD 02Traffic
LD 10Analog (500/2500) Telephone Administration
Overlay programs 10, 11, 20 and 32 (maintenance) are linked
LD 11Digital Telephone Administration
Digital telephones, and IP Phones
LD 12Attendant Consoles
LD 13Digitone Receivers,Tone Detectors, Multifrequency Senders and Receivers
LD 14Trunk Data Block
LD 15Customer Data Block
AML (Application Module Link)
ANI (Automatic Number Identification)
ATT (Attendant Consoles)
AWU (Automatic Wake Up Data)
CAS (Centralized Attendant Service Data)
CCS (Controlled Class of Service)
CDR (Call Detail Recording)
FCR (Flexible Code Restriction)
FFC (Flexible Feature Codes)
FTR (Features and options)
HSP (Hospitality Management)
ICP (Intercept Computer Update)
IMS (Integrated Message Service)
INT (Intercept Treatments)
LDN (Listed Directory Numbers)
MON (Set-based Monitoring)
MPO (Multi-Party Operations)
NET (Networking)
NIT (Night Service)
OAS (Off Hook Alarm Security)
PPM (Periodic Pulse Metering)
PWD (Password)
RDR (Call Redirection)
ROA (Recorded Overflow Announcement)
TIM (Timers)
TST (Test lines)
LD 16Route Data Block, Automatic Trunk Maintenance
LD 17Configuration Record 1
ADAN (Action Device and Number)
PWD  (Password)
PARM (System Parameters)
CEQU (Common Equipment)
OVLY (Overlay)
VAS  (Value Added Server)
ATRN (Aries Transmission)
ROLR/TOLR/AOLR (Alarm Filter Offsets)
ESA  (Emergency Services Access)
LD 18Speed/Group Call, Pretranslation, Special Service, 16-Button DTMF and Hotline
LD 19Code Restriction
LD 20Print Routine 1
TN/Station level
LD 21Print Routine 2
Customer level
LD 22Print Routine 3
System level
LD 23Automatic Call Distribution, Management Reports, Message Center
ACD: Automatic Call Distribution
ADS: Auxiliary data system data block
CDN: Control DN data block
NACD: Network ACD data block
OBVP: Configure the Observe Password Table
LD 24Direct Inward System Access
DIS (Direct Inward System Access)
LD 25Move Data Blocks
LD 26Group Do Not Disturb
LD 27ISDN Basic Rate Interface (BRI) Administration
LD 28Route Selection for Automatic Number Identification
LD 29Memory Management
LD 49New Flexible Code Restriction and Incoming Digit Conversion
New Flexible Code Restriction (NFCR)
Incoming DID Digit Conversion (IDC)
LD 50Call Park and Modular Telephone Relocation
LD 522.0 Mb/s Remote Peripheral Equipment
LD 56Flexible Tones and Cadences
Flexible Tone and Cadence (FTC)
Master Cadence (MCAD)
Firmware Cadence (FCAD)
LD 57Flexible Feature Codes
Flexible Feature Codes (FFC)
LD 58Radio Paging
LD 73Digital Trunk Interface
DDB (Digital data block)
LPTI (PRI2 data block)
SYTI (System timers)
LD 74Digital Private Network Signaling System Link
Digital Private Network Signaling System Number 1 (DPNSS1)
Digital Access Signaling System Number 2 (DASS2)
LD 79Virtual Network Service
LD 81Features and Station Print
LD 82Print Hunt Chain, Multiple Appearance Group
LD 83Terminal Number Sort and Print
LD 84,
& 85
Set Designation Entry (ODAS)
LD 86Electronic Switched Network 1
DGT (Digit Manipulation)
ESN (Electronic Switched Network)
ITGE (Incoming Trunk Exclusion)
NAS (Network Attendant Service)
RLB (Route List)
SCC (Special Common Carrier)
LD 87Electronic Switched Network 2
CDP  (Coordinated Dialing Plan)
FCAS (Free Calling Area Screening)
FSNS (Free Special Number Screening)
NCTL (Network Control)
LD 88Authorization Code
AUB: Authcode
AUT: Authcode entries
SAR: Scheduled Access Restriction
LD 90Electronic Switched Network 3
HLOC: Home Location data block (NARS only)
HNPA: Home Number Plan area code data block
LOC: Location code data block (NARS only)
NPA: Number Plan area code data block
NSCL: Network Speed Call List data block
NXX: Central Office Code Translation data block
SPN: Special Number Translation data block
LD 93Multi-Tenant Service
LD 94Multifrequency Signaling
LD 95Call Party Name Display
Edit Calling Party Name Display (CPND)
LD 97Configuration Record 2
BTD: Busy Tone Detection parameters
DTD: Dial Tone Detection parameters
DTR: Digitone Receiver parameters
FDL: Flash Download for M3900
FIRP: Fiber Remote Parameters
LOSP: Loss Plan Tables
SUPL: Superloop parameters
SYSM: System Parameters for MSDL/MISP
SYSP: System parameters for Peripheral Equipment
XCTP: Conference/TDS/MF Sender card parameters
XPE: Extended Peripheral Equipment shelf
LD 117Ethernet and Alarm Management
Also a Maintenance overlay
Configure and identify all system alarms
IP network related maintenance and diagnostic functions
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