Mike's PBX Cookbook

Maintenance Loads

Overlay programs required for performing system diagnosis and maintenance.
Refer to "Avaya Software Input Output Reference - Maintenance, NN43001-711".

Load (invoke) an overlay program by typing LD XX at the > prompt. Exit by typing four stars ****.

If a prompt ends in a colon (:)...

LD 01Template audit
LD 30Network and Signaling Diagnostic
Basic Rate Interface (BRI)
LD 31Telephone and Attendant Console Diagnostic
LD 32Network and Peripheral Equipment Diagnostic
Overlay programs 10, 11, 20 (administration) and 32 are linked
Enable/Disable/Status: card, shelf, superloop, ISDN, BRI, MISP, SILC
LD 33Peripheral Equipment Diagnostic for 1.5 Mb/s RPE and Fiber Remote IPE
LD 34Tone and Digit Switch and Digitone Receiver Diagnostic
Tone and Digit Switch (TDS)
Digitone Receiver (DTR)
Extended Tone Detector (XTD)
Maintenance telephone
LD 36Trunk Diagnostic
LD 37Input/Output Diagnostic
Teletypewriter (TTY)
Serial Data Interface (SDI)
Multipurpose Serial Data Link (MSDL)
LD 38Conference Circuit Diagnostic
LD 39Intergroup Switch and System Clock Generator Diagnostic
Intergroup Switch (IGS)
System Clock Generator (SCG)
LD 40
& 42
Call Detail Recording Diagnostic
Call Detail Recording (CDR)
LD 43Equipment Datadump
Perform datadump (EDD)
LD 44Software Audit
LD 45Background Signaling and Switching Diagnostic
Manual Continuity Test (MCT)
Background Continuity Test (BCT)
LD 46Multifrequency Sender Diagnostic for Automatic Number Identification
LD 48Link Diagnostic
Application Module Link (AML)
Auxiliary Processor Link (APL)
Intercept Computer Update (ICU)
Command and Status Links (CSL)
Multipurpose Serial Data Link (MSDL)
Single Terminal Access (STA)
Voice Mailbox Administration (VMBA)
LD 51Intercept Computer Update
LD 532.0 Mb/s Remote Peripheral Equipment Diagnostic
LD 54Multifrequency Signaling Diagnostic
Multifrequency Signaling (MFE)
Multifrequency Compelled Signaling (MFC)
LD 60Digital Trunk Interface and Primary Rate Interface Diagnostic
Clock Controller (CC)
Digital Trunks (DTI/PRI)
LD 61Message Waiting Lamps Reset
LD 621.5 Mb/s Remote Peripheral Equipment Local End Diagnostic
LD 66Conversion
LD 75Digital Trunk Maintenance
LD 77Manual Print
LD 80Call Trace
TRAT cust at - for tracing attendant consoles
TRAC cust dn - for tracing sets and trunks
TRAD loop ch - for tracing calls through digital trunks
LD 92Automatic Trunk Maintenance
LD 96D-channel Diagnostic
D-channel (DCH)
Multipurpose Serial Data Link (MSDL)
D-channel Incoming/Outgoing messages (MSGI/MSGO)
LD 117Ethernet and Alarm Management
Also an Administration overlay
Configure and identify all system alarms
IP network related maintenance and diagnostic functions
LD 135Core Common Equipment Diagnostic
STAT CPU - Core health
SCPU - switch cores (HA only)
LD 137Core Input/Output Diagnostic
Enabling and disabling IOP, CMDU, and cMMDU cards
LD 143Customer Configuration Backup and Restore
Peripheral software download (PSDL)
Keycode Management (KNEW)
Upgrades (UPGMG)
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