Mike's PBX Cookbook

Guide to Software Loads

Administration Loads are CLEAR - Maintenance Loads are GRAY

Complete list of Overlay programs provided for performing system administration and maintenance.

For further details, refer to the relevant Software Input/Output Guide.

Printing data:

LD 1Template Audit.
LD 2Set time and date (STAD), reports, thresholds etc.
LD 10Analogue (500/2500) phone settings.
LD 11Digital (SL-1, M2000, etc) phone settings.
LD 12Create or modify Attendant Consoles (2250)
LD 13Digitone Receivers, Tone Detectors, Multifrequency Senders and Receivers.
LD 14Trunks eg. Analog, Route members, auto terminations etc.
LD 15Customer Data Block. Enter a gate opener at the TYPE prompt:
  • AML (Application Module Link)
  • ANI (Automatic Number Identification)
  • ATT (Attendant Consoles)
  • AWU (Automatic Wake Up Data)
  • CAS (Centralized Attendant Service Data)
  • CCS (Controlled Class of Service)
  • CDR (Call Detail Recording)
  • FCR (Flexible Code Restriction)
  • FFC (Flexible Feature Codes)
  • FTR (Features and options)
  • HSP (Hospitality Management)
  • ICP (Intercept Computer Update)
  • IMS (Integrated Message Service)
  • INT (Intercept Treatments)
  • LDN (Listed Directory Numbers)
  • MON (Set-based Monitoring)
  • MPO (Multi-Party Operations)
  • NET (Networking)
  • NIT (Night Service)
  • OAS (Off Hook Alarm Security)
  • PPM (Periodic Pulse Metering)
  • PWD (Password)
  • RDR (Call Redirection)
  • ROA (Recorded Overflow Announcement)
  • SLS (SIP Line Services)
  • TIM (Timers)
  • TST (Test lines)
LD 16Route Data Settings - add/edit/delete routes, assign IDC tables to a route, use ESN etc.
LD 17Configuration Record 1. Enter a gate opener at the TYPE prompt:
  • ADAN (Input/output devices - includes D-channels)
  • ALARM (Alarm filter configuration data)
  • ATRN (Aries Transmission)
  • CEQU (Common Equipment parameters)
  • CFN (Configuration data block)
  • OVLY (Overlay area options)
  • PARM (System Parameters)
  • PWD (System Password and Limited Access)
  • VAS (Value Added Server)
LD 18Speed Dial Lists, Hotlines etc.
LD 19Code Restriction
LD 20Print Routine 1 - Phones, DNs, TNs etc.
  • 2.0 Mb/s Digital Trunk Interface (DT2) data
  • Analog set (500 and PBX) data
  • Associate (AST) BCS and Analog Sets data
  • Attendant console (2250) data from LD 12
  • Automatic Call Distribution Priority Agent (PRI2) data
  • Communication Set (BCS) data
  • Call Pickup Network Wide (CPNW) data
  • Channel data: Real Analog, Virtual Analog and Virtual Digital
  • Communication Set (BCS) data
  • Data access card (DAC) data
  • Dial Intercom Group (DIG) data
  • Dial Tone Detector (DTD and XTD) data
  • Digital set (2000 series, 3000, and Aries) data
  • Digitone Receiver (DTR) data
  • Directory number (DNB) data/range/selection
  • Hot Line List (HTL) data
  • Hunting (HNT, GHT, and EHT) data
  • Multifrequency (MFC, MFE, MFR, MFK5, MFK6, MFVE) data
  • Mobile Extension (MOBX) data
  • Out of Service unit (OOSSLT and OOSMLT) data
  • Power (PWR) data
  • Pretranslation (PRE) data
  • Special Service List (SSL) data
  • Speed call lists (SCL) data
  • Tandem Connection (TCON) data
  • Template (TEM) data
  • Terminal Number Block (TNB) data (telephones, trunks, range)
  • Tone Detector (TDET) data
  • Trunk data: All Trunks (TRK)
  • Trunk data: Specific Trunk types
  • Universal Extension (UEXT) data
  • Unused Card (LUC) data
  • Unused Directory Number (LUDN) data
  • Unused Units (LUU) data
  • Unused Voice or Data unit (LUVU or LUDU) data
  • Voice Mailbox (VMB) data
LD 21Print Routine 2 - Listing and Routes Info.
  • Application Module Link (AML) data
  • Attendant Console (ATT) data
  • Automatic Number Identification (ANI) data
  • Automatic Wake Up (AWU) data
  • Call Detail Recording (CDR) data
  • Call Redirection (RDR) data
  • Centralized Attendant Service (CAS) data
  • Centralized Attendant Service (CASK) Key
  • Code Restriction (CRB) data
  • Controlled Class of Service (CCS) data
  • Core Inventory (CINV) data for all systems
  • Customer data block (CDB)
  • Flexible Code Restriction (FCR) data
  • Flexible Feature Codes (FFC) data
  • Hospitality Management (HSP) data
  • Integrated Message Service (IMS) data
  • Intercept Computer Update (ICP) data
  • Intercept Treatments (INT) data
  • ISDN Signaling Link (ISLL) data
  • Listed Directory Numbers (LDN) data
  • Networking (NET) data
  • Set Relocation (SRDT) data
  • Test lines (TST) data
  • Timers (TIM) data
  • Trunk Members (LTM) data
LD 22Print Routine 3 - Configuration.
  • Audit trail (AUDT) data
  • Common Equipment (CEQU) data
  • Configuration Record (CFN) data
  • Input/output device (ADAN) data
  • Integrated Message Service (IMA) data
  • Issue and Release (ISS)
  • Overlay area (OVLY) data
  • Package (PKG) information
  • Password (PWD) data
  • Peripheral Software Version (PSWV) data
  • System Limits (SLT) data
  • System Loop Limit (SLL) data
  • System Patch (ISSP) data
  • Tape ID (TID) data
  • Value Added Server (VAS) data
LD 23Create and print ACD groups, NACD & CDN's
LD 24Creating and modifying DISA's
LD 25Move Data Blocks
LD 26Create, modify, and print Do Not Disturb Groups
LD 27Configure ISDN BRI hardware and settings.
LD 28Route Selection for Automatic Number Identification
LD 29Memory management - determine the amount of memory used etc.
LD 30Network / signalling diagnostics, eg. On trunk loops, from digital card to digital phone, clock controllers (DTI2 or PRI2)
LD 31Telephone attendant console diagnostics
LD 32Network / Peripheral equipment diagnostics including Dgtl LC and FALC cards, analogue and digital sets etc.
LD 33Peripheral Equipment Diagnostic for 1.5Mb/s RPE and Fiber Remote IPE.
LD 34Diagnostics on Digitone receivers, dial tone detectors. Enabling and disabling the TDS loop (See LD 38 for CONF loop)
LD 36Trunk Diagnostics, and stats. Clear minor alarm indication on attendant consoles.
LD 37Input/Output diagnostic. Enable/Disable TTY's and MSDL's
LD 38Enabling and disabling the CONF loop (See LD 34 for TDS loop)
LD 39Status of Peripheral signalling, Clock Controller, clear minor alarms on active CPU etc.
LD 40Call Detail Recording (CDR) diagnostics.
LD 42Enable/disable/give status of Call Detail Recording (CDR). Clear maintenance display alarms.
LD 43Equipment Datadump - downloading config for backup storage etc.
LD 44Software audit.
LD 45Background Signalling and Switching diagnostic.
LD 46Multifrequency sender diagnostic for automatic number identification.
LD 48Link diagnostics - ISDN D-channel etc. Activating and deactivating Voice Mail (AML).
LD 49Flexible code restrictions and Incoming Digit Conversion.
LD 50Call Park settings
LD 51Intercept Computer Update
LD 522.0Mb/s Remote Peripheral Equipment
LD 532.0Mb/s Remote Peripheral Diagnostic
LD 54Multifrequency Signalling Diagnostic
LD 56Route Access Restriction , flexible tones - future possibly, cadences.
LD 57Setting Flexible Feature Codes.
LD 58Radio paging
LD 60DTI and PRI link diagnostics. Enabling / disabling / status etc.
LD 61Message Waiting Lamp Reset
LD 621.5Mb/s Remote Peripheral Equipment Local End Diagnostic
LD 66Conversion. Used to convert to a new version of software.
LD 73Settings for DTIs and PRIs, timers, SICA tables etc.
LD 75DTI / PRI maintenance.
LD 77Manual Print - print the signals from the peripheral cards to the common equipment.
LD 79Virtual Network Service
LD 80Call tracing for diagnostics.
LD 81Listing phones with selected features.
LD 82Print hunt patterns and Multiple Appearance groups.
LD 83Print a list of TN's and TN blocks in Designation (DES) order
LD 84Add line designators (DES) to existing single line (500/2500) sets.
LD 85Add line designators (DES) to existing multi line (SL1/M2000, etc) sets.
LD 86ESN, Digit manipulation, Route list data block, NARS / BARS etc. Build or print RLI's.
LD 87Co-ordinated dial plan.
LD 88Authorization codes, possible introduced with charge accounts.
LD 90ESN, NARS / BARS, AC1 / AC2. (In relation to internal network CDP). Build or print SPN's.
LD 92Scheduled testing of TIEs / DIDs etc.
LD 93Multi-tenant service.
LD 94MFC for internal network applications.
LD 95Call Party Name Display (NEW, CHG, PRT, OUT).
LD 96D-Channel diagnostics. Very important for internal network links, and ISDN PRI circuits.
LD 97Configuration Record 2. Enter a gate opener at the TYPE prompt:
  • BTD (Busy Tone Detection data block)
  • DTD (Dial Tone Detection parameters data block)
  • DTR (Digitone Receiver parameters data block)
  • FDL (Flash Download for M3900 sets)
  • FIRP (Fiber Remote Parameters Data Block)
  • LOSP (Loss Plan Tables data block)
  • SUPL (Superloop parameters data block)
  • SYSM (System Parameters for MSDL/MISP card)
  • SYSP (System parameters for Peripheral Equipment)
  • XCTP (Conference/TDS/MF Sender card parameters data block)
  • XPE (Extended Peripheral Equipment shelf data block)
LD 117IP network maintenance and diagnostic functions. Ethernet and Alarm Management.
LD 135Used for functions on the CPU's (e.g. SCPU = swap CPU) Used for functions on the CNI cards
LD 137Used for functionality on the system disk drives. (e.g. Swap drives or synchronize drives)
LD 143Customer Configuration Backup and Restore. Software Upgrade and Installation utility.
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