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LD 20-22: Print Reports Guide

The following are print reports which can be obtained in LDs 20, 21, and 22.

Which load prints what? Remember the following:

When you program in LD 22 or below, print in either LD 20, 21, or 22 (as below).
When you program in LD 23 and above, print in the same load.

Print Reports Guide:

Print Report  LD  PRT
2.0 Mb/s Digital Trunk Interface data 20DTI
Aries Digital set (M2006, M2008, M2016S, M2216 and M2616) data 20ARIE
Alarm and Exception Filter data 22ALARM
Application Module Link data 21AML
Attendant Console data from LD 15 21ATT
Automatic Number Identification data 21ANI
Analog set data 20 500 and PBX
Attendant console data from LD 12 20ATT, 1250, and 2250
Audit trail data 22AUDT
Automatic Call Distribution Priority Agent data 20PRI2
Automatic Trunk Maintenance route data 21ATM
Automatic Trunk Maintenance schedule data 21ATM
Automatic Wake Up data 21AWU
Business Communication Set data 20BCS
Call Detail Recording data 21CDR
Call Redirection data 21RDR
Centralized Attendant Service data 21CAS
Centralized Attendant Service Key 21CASK
Call Pickup Network Wide data 20CPNW
Code Restriction data 21CRB
Common Equipment data 22CEQU
Configuration Record data 22CFN
Controlled Class of Service data 21CCS
Core Inventory data for Option 11C/51C/61C/81C 22CINV
Customer data block 21CDB
Data access card data 20DAC
Dial Intercom Group data 20DIG
Dial Tone Detector data 20DTD XTD
Digital Communications Set data 20TNB
Digital set (2000 series, 3000, and Aries) data 20eg: 2616
Digitone Receiver data 20DTR
Directory number data 20DNB
Directory number range data 20DNB
Features and options data 21FTR
Flexible Code Restriction data 21FCR
Flexible Feature Codes data 21FFC
Hospitality Management data 21HSP
Group Call data 20GRP
Generic version and issue of software 22ISS
Hunting data 20HNT GHT EHT
Input/output device data 22ADAN
Integrated Message Service data 22IMA
Issue and Release 22ISS
Meridian Modular Telephone data 22ATRN
Integrated Message Service data 21IMS
Intercept Computer Update data 21ICP
Intercept Treatments data 21INT
ISDN Signaling Link data 21ISLL
Listed Directory Numbers data 21LDN
Multi-Party Operations data 21MPO
Networking data 21NET
Night Service data 21NIT
Off Hook Alarm Securitydata 21OAS
Password data 21PWD
Periodic Pulse Metering data 21PPM
Recorded Overflow Announcement data 21ROA
Mobile Extension Universal Extension unit 20MOBX
Multifrequency data 20MFC MFE MFR
Out of Service unit data 20OOSSLT OOSMLT
Overlay area data 22OVLY
Package information 22PKG
Password data 22PWD
Peripheral Software Version data 22PSWV
Power data 20PWR
Pretranslation data 20PRE
Route Data Block 21RDB
Set Relocation data 21SRDT
SL1 set data 20TNB
Special Service List data 20SSL
Speed call lists data 20SCL
System Limits data 22SLT
System Loop Limits 22SLL
System Patch data 22ISSP
Tandem Connection data 20TCON
Tape ID data 22TID
Template data 20TEM
Terminal Number Block data for telephones and trunks 20TNB
Terminal Number Block range data 20TNB
Test lines data 21TST
Timers data 21TIM
Tone Detector data 20TDET
Trunk data: All Trunks 20TRK
Trunk Members data 21LTM
Trunk data: Specific Trunk types 20COT DID TIE WAT
Universal Extension 20UEXT
Unused Card data 20LUC
Unused Directory Number data 20LUDN
Unused Units data 20LUU
Unused Voice or Data unit data 20LUVU LUDU
Value Added Server data 22VAS
Voice Mailbox data 20VMB
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