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Building a PCA

Personal Call Assistant

Personal Call Assistant - PCA

Calls to a DN automatically, and simultaneously, call a second (mobile) telephone. The call can be answered on either device. Personal Call Assistant (PCA) requires package 398.

Example: 2222 calls 3333, which is configured with PCA. The PCA extends the call to a second DN, and the call rings on 3333 and 555-4444 simultaneously. The first to answer assumes control, and the other set stops ringing. If the call is not answered, any redirection treatment on either set is invoked (voice-mail).

Note: PCA passes the originator's Calling Line Identification (CLID) to both called party's. The PTT must allow this!


LD 15 - Enable PCA at the Customer Level

TYPEFTR_DATAFeatures and Options Data Block.
PCAONEnable Personal Call Assistant.

LD 11 - Build a PCA by entering the following:

REQNEWNew... (or CHG to edit)
TYPEPCAPersonal Call Assistant
TNl s c u PCA's are built on virtual superloops (LD 97)
SCPWXXStation Control Password. Not prompted if SCPL = 0 (LD 15).
TGARXXAssign an NCOS and TGAR to allow the external call
KEY0 SCR XXXXUsers desk phone DN. Must not be MARPed to this TN
KEY1 HOT P X YYYX length, YYY number, including access code, of the associated device.
Optionally, end the number with # (end of string) to speed up out-dialing.

LD 57 - Configure the Flexible Feature Codes:

REQCHGChange FFCs, or PRT.
TYPEFFCFeature Flexible Code.
FFCT(NO) YESFlexible Feature Confirmation Tone.
CODEPCAACode to activate PCA or change the HOT P DN.
PCAAxxxxCode number.
CODEPCADCode to deactivate PCA.
PCADyyyyCode number.
CODEPCAVCode to verify the status of PCA.
PCAVzzzzCode number.


Use the three Flexible Feature Codes (FFC) to activate, deactivate, or change the target DN on a PCA from the set.

  1. To activate or change PCA, enter the PCAA FFC.
  2. To deactivate PCA, enter the PCAD FFC.
  3. To verify the current status of PCA, enter the PCAV FFC.

Enter the prime DN of the terminal, followed by the Station Control Password (SCPW), and #. Listen for a confirmation tone.
This tone indicates that the password and extension match and the procedure was successful. If you hear a fast busy tone, the procedure failed and you must hang up and try again. The confirmation tone is provided only when FFCT = YES in LD 57.

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