Mike's PBX Cookbook

Moving a Set

Use LD 10/11/20 to move analog or digital stations. If moving a voice unit with an associated data unit, the data unit must also be moved. On NT8D02 Digital Line Card, both voice and data TNs can be moved by entering MOV PAIR at the REQ prompt.

DO NOT move ACD's, as data corruption can occur. Always PRT, OUT, then NEW on the new TN.

There is no 'swap' command for stations. To swap two sets - eg, for an office move, one must be 'moved' to a temporary TN.

To move a telephone from one TN to another, use one of the following loads:
(From Release 19, LD 10, 11, 20, and 32 are linked)

Use LD 10/11/20: MOV to move individual sets. Use LD 25: MOV to move cards, shelves, or loops.

Prompts and responses:

REQ MOV- Request: MOV or MOV PAIR (PRT to print)
TYPE xxxx- Type must match telephone hardware
TN l s c u- From Terminal Number
TOTN l s c u - To new TN Number

The Terminal Number (TN) defines the hardware location (physical port) of the telephone:

Note: Telephones with mixed DNs can only be moved in the same loop, unless MLDN = YES in LD 17 (PARM).
MLDN (Multiple Loop DN) allows multiple appearance DNs to be on different loops.

Example station move:

Thelma and Louise are swapping offices!

We also need a spare (temporary) Digital TN that is not programmed, in this example: 12 0 0 10

Then, in LD 20 follow:

REQ: mov
TYPE: 2616
TN: 12 0 0 1
TOTN: 12 0 0 10       Louise is moved to the temporary TN. 

then Enter through... Louise is in limbo right now (on the spare TN)... continue to move Thelma.

Next, follow:

REQ: mov
TYPE: 2008
TN: 12 0 0 0
TOTN: 12 0 0 1        Thelma is moved to Louises' original TN.

then Enter Through... now Thelma is moved to where Louise was...

Then do:

REQ: mov
TYPE: 2616
TN: 12 0 0 10
TOTN: 12 0 0 0        Louise is moved Thelmas' original TN (from the temporary TN).

then Enter through... Louise is now where Thelma was!

You have Successfully Swapped Thelma and Louise's places without having to change any wiring!
Now just swap their Physical telephone sets.

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