Mike's PBX Cookbook

MARP Explained

MARP (Multiple Appearance Ring Prime) appears at the set which 'owns' the DN.

MARP indicates that this set 'owns', and therefore controls, the DN. If it doesn't 'own' the DN, it cannot control the hunting/forwarding conditions. In other words, if not MARP'd, hunting/forwarding will not work as expected! Short Hunting (LHK) is not affected by MARP.

If you OUT a set with a MARP'd multiple appearance DN, the MARP will jump to the next lowest physical TN. Call forward may no longer function as expected, until you move the MARP to the new DN 'owner'. This is why the MARP must always be considered.

Checking MARP:

CS1000 MARP checkbox

To change MARP from the TTY (in LD 11):

REQ: chg
TYPE 2616
TN   4  1  12  1
ECHG yes
ITEM key 0 scr 4378
MARP on TN 004  0  11  01              <- shows the current DN 'owner'
MARP yes                               <- change 'owner' to this TN? Yes/(No)

"MARP on TN" showns the TN of the set which currently 'owns' this DN (and thus controls the call forwarding status).
"MARP" prompt, enter YES (the default is NO) to move the MARP to this TN. A service message confirms the change:


X..X indicates the new DN
L S C U indicates the Loop, Shelf, Card, Unit (TN) of this telephone.

Note, if you OUT a set, the MARP will automatically jump to the next lowest numerical TN value. Always check MARP and change as necessary after OUTing a station.

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