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Prefix CLID to Call Log

"How do I insert the 9 if I want to return a call that was missed? The set shows all the numbers but when you try and dial it doesn't auto insert the 9 so the function is pretty much useless."

Running release 25.30 you can add a route prefix (for example: 9) to the incomming caller ID and thus make the stored number in the sets call-log dialable.

DAPC (Dial Access Prefix on CLID) is used to create table for adding a leading digit to an incoming CLID and assign it to a route.


First, create a table with the desired prefix (9)

>LD 15 
  TBL 1              built a table
  NPI E164
  PREF 9             to prefix the access code

Then, assign it to a route:

>LD 16
  TBL 1              assign the table

Incoming call on this route will show a 9 in front of the CLID in order to save it in the Personnal Directory without editing it. It also gives the capability to redial it from the Call Log. Feature Data (FTR_DATA) is printed in LD 21

Note: TON is NATL, and NPI is E164 on European ISDN routes.

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