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SX-2000 Common Print Commands
SX2000 print commands

SX-2000 Light Remote Maintenance Setup
The remote maintenance modem can be connected to any peripheral node remote maintenance port (J6, J7, J10).

SX-2000 Key Equivalences
A table showing SUPERSET 7, 7DN, and SUPERSET 700 attendant console keyboard functions and their implementation by key sequence on the VT100 keyboard.

Force Formatting Hard Drives
Undocumented command to format older Quantum drives when they are not recognized by the SX-2000L

SX-50 Attendant and Maintenance Functions
SX-50 Attendant and Maintenance Functions - a printable list.

Mitel and Y2K
Mitel and Y2K - Systems affected

MITEL Information
Concentrating on the small-to-medium PBX market, Mitel has been very successful in providing PBX and key system solutions.

Mitel North American Tech Support
Mitel North American Tech Support - Important NOTICE regarding changes to TSN Program.

Meter Pulse Detectors
At some sites, Meter Pulse Detectors are deployed to aid accurate call costing. This document contains installation and test notes.

Proceedure for replacing a Mitel SG Hard Drive
Replacing and Restoring a SX-2000-SG Redundant Hard-Drive

MITEL Superset 1
Features and Description

MITEL Superset 4
Features and Description

MITEL Superset 4001
Features and Description for the MITEL Superset 4001

MITEL Superset 401
Features and Decription

MITEL Superset 4025/4125
Features and Description


SS700 Monitor in Black and White
SUPERSET 700 monitors may boot up in black and white unless you use a MITEL qualified monitor or purchase a cable adapter which disconnects the DDC pins

Mitel Superset Quick Reference
Mitel Superset phone descriptions and features reference

SX-2000 Hard Drive LED Cable connections
Field replacement of the current hard drive with a QUANTUM FIREBALL ST hard drive OR IBM UltraStar 9ES hard drive may result in an LED replacement depending on the existing LED connection.

SX-2000 Light New System Installation Procedure
This is a quick reference document to provide a summary of power-up and option enabling instructions for new installations of the Mitel SX-2000 Light PABX.

Cartridge Tape Drive Replacement Process
Since the introduction of the Georgens cartridge tape drives in April 1995, a number of Georgens drive failures have been reported.

To prevent the possibility of fraudulent use, Mitel is advising all dealers with sites using Lightware 26 software to change the System level password and document the password accordingly.

SX-2000 SMDR
This document identifies SMDR conditions that apply when calls are transferred through E&M trunks

Operating System Software Backup on Tape
It is recommended that the operating system software is backed up on tape to protect against the loss of the system software due to failures of the hard disk unit and loss or corruption of the master tape.

SX-2000 CDE Form Abbreviations
This table provides the minimum abbreviation that is acceptable to the system for each CDE form.

Mitel Diskette Policy
Mitel Policy change for quantity of spare diskettes

Switch settings when replacing floppy drives
Notice of switch settings when replacing floppy drives on SX-200 Light PABX's.

Automatic Route Selection
An example of how ARS can be setup on a Mitel SX-200-D

SX-200 Class Of Service Options
Class Of Service Options For SX-200 with Generic 1001, 1002, 1003, 1004, LW15, LW16.

SX-200 Feature Access Codes
Feature Codes For SX200 with Generic 1001, 1002, 1003, 1004, LW15, LW16.

SX-200 CDE Forms
Customer Data Entry form numbers

SX-200 Default Password Procedure
The procedure for defaulting the password on the Mitel SX200

SX-200 System Options and Timers
System Options and Timers For SX200 with Generic 1001, 1002, 1003, 1004, LW15, LW16.

SX-200D - SuperSet 4's
Mitel engineers inform that SX-200D PBX's with SuperSet 4 (COV) cards 9110-410-000-NA Revisions E1 through E8 may cause the following problems:

SX-50 Intermittent Night Service Problems
SX 50 systems are intermittently going into Night Service for no apparent reason.

The MS55 Database Conversion program provides the capability to convert a database file to a file capable of being uploaded to an SX-50 with an MS55 Generic Module

SX-50 Equipment Numbers Charts
When programming an SX-50 it is often necessary to refer to these charts.

Loading an SX-50 using Windows 95 Hyperterminal
The procedure to do a data load and restore using Windows 95, Hyperterminal.

SX-50 Programming Access
SX-50 programming can be accessed either from an attendant console or a test line.

SX-50 Software Module Identification
This bulletin is designed to aid service personnel in determining the difference between the 2 and 5 prom SX-50 (TM) PABX Software Modules.

SX-50 Customer Data Entry
Programming Guide

SX-50 E+M Trunk Setup
The following notes apply to interfacing an SX-50 with a Motorola Vanguard 320 VoIP Gateway, but may be adapted for other E&M applications.

Multiline Sets
Programming SUPERSET Line Select keys: Single, Key-System, or Multicall.

Daily Trunk Test Procedure
In order to unlock and prevent permanent seizing of loop start trunks (due to cell/cell conferencing), SX-200 switchboard operators can perform the following procedure each day.

Mitel SX-2000
SX-2000 GSA Price List

Mitel Peripherals
Mitel Peripherals - GSA Price List

Mitel SX-200
SX-200 - GSA Price List

Mitel SX-50
SX-50 - GSA Price List

Mitel Voice Mail
Mitel Voice Mail - GSA Price List

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