Mike's PBX Cookbook

Superset 4150

Superset 4150
Message Indicator
Fixed-Function Keys
Personal Keys
Key Pad
 Placing a Call on Hold  Retrieving  a Call from Hold

Press Hold.

Press the flashing line key.
 Transferring a Call  Conferencing Calls
Press Trans/Conf.
Dial the number.
Hang up.
Or Announce the transfer and hang up.
Press Trans/Conf.
Dial the number.
Wait for an answer.
Press Conference.
 Retrieving a Message  Programming a Speed Call
 Press Messaging.
Press Read Msg Or Read Message.
If Call Me Back appears, press Call Me Back.
Press Call to call the message sender.
Or Press Erase Msg to erase the message.
Or Press Next Msg to view the next message.
Press Superkey.
Press More until Feature Key or Speed Call appears.
Press Feature Key or Speed Call.
Press a personal key.
If Change appears, press Change
and then press Speed Call.
Dial the number.
Press Save.
Press Superkey.
 Leaving a Message  Making a Call
If the message indicator is lit, Press Leave a Msg.
Or, If a voice mail system answers, record a message.
Lift the handset.
Dial the number.
Or Press a Speed Call.
Or Press Redial.
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