Nixie and Scope Clocks

The Nixie ("Numerical Indicator eXperimental") vacuum tube was invented in 1952, and commonly used in equipment displays up until the early 70's. They have long been replaced, but I love these classic pieces of electronic history. Although originally never used for time telling, today a clock is a great way to admire their beauty.

Oscilloscope display tubes (CRT's) have been around for even longer, and can also make interesting objects for displaying the time.

The following clock kits I've built, all utilise a low voltage micro-controller driven design, and have support for DCF77 which can set the time automatically from the atomic time standard transmitter in Frankfurt, Germany.

Nixie Clocks:
IN14-6-V1 ClockIN14-6-V1 Clock
IN14-6 Anti-Ghost ModIN14-6 Anti-Ghost Mod
IN14/CD81 comparedIN14/CD81 compared
CD81-6-V3 ClockCD81-6-V3 Clock
Single Z570MSingle Z570M
Single IN18Single IN18
Six Tube IN18Six Tube IN18
Six Tube IN14Six Tube IN14
B7971 FLWB7971 FLW
ZM1350 FLWZM1350 FLW
Binary LED ClockBinary LED Clock
DCF77 optionDCF77 option
Scope Clocks:
Scope ClockScope Clock
Mega Scope ClockMega Scope Clock
Dutchtronix AVR Oscilloscope ClockDutchtronix AVR
Oscilloscope Clock