Oscilloscope Clock

Every workshop needs one of these! This 'Scope clock' uses a microcontroller driven design with a real-time clock back-up.
It can be connected any oscilloscope with an X-Y input (most 2 channel scopes have this capability).

Circuit design and software from Frank Techniek, further details here...
The hardware comprises of an Atmel microcontroller (AtMega8515), a dual DAC, 7805 regulator, and a DS1302 RTC.
Unfortunately, the software does not support DCF77 decoding (Europe's atomic radio clock) due to the limited program memory.

PCB closeup... S1 is used to set the time, and other options.
Scope Clock PCB
Mouse over the image below... the setup menu appears after pressing S1.
Scope Clock Setup Menu
The oscilloscope is in X-Y mode.
Scope Clock running, scope in X-Y mode

Additional files:

I've also found another interesting Scope Clock kit design, by Jan de Rie.
Further details from his website: http://www.dutchtronix.com/ScopeClock.htm.