ZM1350 Four-Letter-Word

A ZM1350 based Four-Letter-Word clock, inspired by Raymond Weisling, designed by Peter Hand.

Raymond Weisling's original Four-Letter-Word clock is now hard to find. This design is a great alternative.

The European ZM1350 (Telefunken) alpha-numeric display is 40mm high, and has a quick refresh rate. It was only available for short time before being replaced by LED's. Like the B7971, they have now become rather rare!

Displaying the time
PCB Underside
Random Four Letter Word
Another Four Letter Word

On the back of the PCB there are two push buttons for setting the time, a reset button, and a DIP switch.
The option switches control the display mode and "vulgarity level" which has 4 levels from frequent to never!

There is also a test mode, invoked by holding buttons 1 & 2 and pressing reset, which lights one segment at a time on all tubes. Pressing a button advances to the next segment in sequence, press reset to leave the mode.

Additional files: