Mega Scope Clock

Here is a great Scope Clock from Ulf Pambor.

I wanted to openly display the CRT, and use as small a case as possible. I found that the PCB slides perfectly into an aluminium case from Conrad (522945: Euro-Aluminium-Kuhlrippenprofil-Gehause 165 x 110 x 55 mm).

The torroidal transformer is mounted externally. Putting the transformer in a separate enclosure eliminates its magnetic influence on the CRT (which is very sensitive to magnetic fields), and keeps down the overal size.

The display is mounted over the case using a metal waste pipe clip (48-51mm), found in a local DIY store (BauHaus). The bolt thread is hidden by an aluminium tube sleeve. I still have some finishing touches to make, but I'm already really pleased with the results. This is exactly the kind of retro look I was after!


The clock is shown synchronised (via DCF77), indicated by the arrow between 1&2. The green LED indicates a good DFC signal, and the red push button enters the setup menu to manually set the time and other options.